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Control Spending. Prevent Hyperinflation.

Do it Your Way

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Sydney, Australia: Find a way to extend your very best products -- faster, cheaper, better -- and you have a business. Couple that product or service with a sense of its deepest perfections, and you'll create intrigue and your business will be seen as special. It is at this point you can automate processes and openly extend your work as an art.  
In this episode of the show, you meet a man whose goal in life is to capture perfect moments and translate them into some of the most beautiful photography you'll ever see. Then he carved out a niche by automating that art. You can, too.

We travel to Sydney to spend time with a man who sees certain perfections throughout this world. Ken Duncan is forever trying to capture those perfect moments on film, and then to translate these moments to print so people can truly see the magnificence of all of creation around us.

He wants us all to stop and count our blessings and see the big picture. The photographs in his book, America Wide, will take your breath away. 

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1. Secure all federal debt by guaranteeing it with federally-owned assets, primarily land and buildings. Secure every loaned dollar, pledged against those assets.  Make money real.  It is not a gold standard  but a land-building standard.

2. Allocate that commitment by state as a percentage of the total consumption of federal dollars over tax contributions over as many years as we have records.

3. Allocate each state's commitment by Congressional district by their consumption of federal dollars. Rank order each district to  prioritize where we all must teach people how to create more value each day with the goal to equalize their taxes paid and taxes used.

4. Post an interactive map of the country
by-Congressional district  so volunteers can flood the" top-taking" districts with education and actions.

We all can create an abundance... Just like these folks.

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Auntie Anne 
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