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Last Update: Monday September 20, 2021

You Are Part of the Solution. We all need to study and know these things:

#1 The USA's Deficit Is Out of Control. 

One of the first principles of business is that we must make a profit or eventually we'll go out of business.
It doesn't take much more than a bad year.  

The government of the USA has had too many bad years and the debt burden now is ominous.
If you haven't studied the basic figures, here is an explanation from a retired CPA, Hal Mason, who uses the online budget at

It is just five minutes long; it is a good link to copy and send around to your colleagues:

If you just watched it, I think you'll agree that the word, ominous, is not quite dark and heavy enough.
However, there is still hope (this link goes to the homepage on August 14)
Also, if you do not know the work of Cloward-Piven (opens a new window in Wikipedia), you should.
We first learned about it back in 2010 when an email from Wayne Root went viral.
It had a ring of truth so we posted our analysis on this page:  Do we know what Obama's Economic Plan Is?   

We all need to be monitoring Washington, DC very carefully. 

#2 A key to reverse this mess is small business innovation.

If enough of us begin acting just a little more boldly, some of us just might hit on a next big thing, a multi-billion dollar business within one's lifetime.
And, there are many, many such innovations that are waiting to be unfolded that will quickly achieve such results.  More...

#3 Get inspired.  Revisit these homepages:

#4  You Know You Can Do It... (slightly edited from a homepage)

I WILL INVENT THE FUTURE.  YES, I CAN. I am an entrepreneur and we do not wait for somebody else to do it. We just do it ourselves.
We take on the big challenges. We're not afraid what others think
:  "...that's stupid. You're crazy! What a fool.
" It is so much easier to say, "That can't be done."   So I am asking you, "What are you waiting for? Join us.

A personal note:  Please join Hattie and me in thinking about new business innovation.
We can encourage each other through these hard times. We can make a difference. Thank you.

-Bruce Camber

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