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Last Update: Saturday September 25, 2021

New New Orleans: A self-guided tour of the three necklaces of New Orleans (click on the picture)

On this map are some of the most fascinating people, places and things on earth. Each year most go undiscovered.
Some are known locally but undervalued. Some have fallen into disrepair or despair and need a little tender loving care.

These self-guided tours will all be online, all carefully timed out, and all dynamically certified-then-rated by the people on the ferry on the tour so the prioritized destinations within each bead could actually change day by day. All these tours will be downloadable and/or dynamic.  The tours will be designed to be used with a cell phone, tablet (like an iPad) or portable computer.

Throughout each tour the digital hotspots will be all carefully identified.  At each possible stop along the way,  "the best locations" will be cited and timing will be coordinated so people can make it to the ferry for which they are booked.  I am sure you are getting the picture  The best locations and best meet ups will all be valued and ostensibly each bead will be competing with all the other beads to capture some of the time of those people on tour.  -BEC