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Monday, January 21, 2013 with Prof. Dr. Frank Wilczek at the Center for Theoretical Physics at MIT

Books and articles by Frank Wilczek:  The work of one of the world's leading theoretical physicists is being used extensively to develop a five-part series for students from the 6th grade through college.  The series is called, "Opening the metaphors and our understanding about life." Subtitled, "Here we will begin to see the universe as a mathematical-and-geometric whole. Start with the Planck Length, use base-2 exponential notation and go out to the edges of the observable universe in just 201+ steps. Let's look at the Big Board - little universe."

Three books by Wilczek, The Lightness of Being, Fantastic Realities and Longing for the Harmonies have become a core part of these lessons.

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