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Last Update: Thursday September 23, 2021

All Brand Appliance, Mount Ephraim, New Jersey

Talk Through Problems

Jeff and Rick Presant talk and talk and talk until a solution becomes clear.

2:45 | Play Now | Author Susan Scott says, "The conversation is the relationship." If there is no conversation, there is no relationship. Think about it.

Mount Ephraim, New Jersey: In this episode of the show we go to Main Street America (just outside Philadelphia) to look at a classic family business, one that exists in most communities in America but seems to be threatened by new distribution systems and mega-stores like Lowe's and Home Depot. Talk about pressure... Yet, these small businesses may actually thrive in our fast-paced, ever-changing business culture. 

Best practices is what they do.

If a washing machine breaks, the parts needed to fix it are on the shelf of their store. Owned and run by brothers, Rick and Jeff Presant, the pros, the handyman, and the weekend warriors (honey-do's), are all welcomed to buy appliance parts at All Brand Appliance. With 12 employees and hundreds of ever-faithful customers, these two are building a business on kindness. That's right, kindness.

To prepare to buy All Brand from their father, Rick had his own supply company in another territory and Jeff worked for others.

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Lavish Special Treatment On Your Customers

2:15 | Play Now | Professionals are All Brand's core customer base.  Parts are parts but the service here is extraordinary and this is why customers come back nearly everyday.

Keep Open to Opportunity

1:18 | Play Now | Rick Presant says his Dad started All Brand because he had to drive too far for parts.

Recruit Your Competition

1:31 | Play Now | Owner Jeff Presant said his dad got a fast start by bringing in his competitor.

Mentor Your Successor

2:52 | Play Now | The founder of All Brand took time to teach the next generation.

Listen to the Marketplace

1:43 | Play Now | The second generation of leadership brought in technology and lowered prices.

Create A Place People Want To Come To Every Day

1:02 | Play Now | All Brand keeps customers coming back because it has knowledgeable employees.

Require the Second Generation to Work For Others

1:27 | Play Now | Jeff Presant worked for others before he was allowed to work for his Dad.

Treat All People With Great Respect

1:31 | Play Now | Employees at All Brand feel valued and appreciated.

Work Toward Digital Workflow

2:59 | Play Now | When Rick Presant bought the business his Dad started, he dumped the old handwritten inventory system and installed computers. The software tracks sales, inventory and customer buying habits.


1:38 | Play Now | For years All Brand had been serving primarily the professional appliance repairman and also has a small counter space for the do-it-yourselfers.  It expanding by turning apartment building managers into customers.

See Problems As Challenges

2:37 | Play Now | Small business owners are tough because we face big problems everyday and we can't let one of them bring us down.  Rick Presant turned a major snow storm into a positive experience.

Keep Your Name in Front of Customers

1:05 | Play Now | Rick Presant used supplier catalogs until customers pushed him to do his own.