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Create something of value and sell it. Make a little money. Spend some of it. You actually make the world a better place.

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Work On Your Ecosystem

3:40 | Play Now | Deland won the Great American Main Street award because merchants pulled together.

Give it Away; Don't Discount

2:33 | Play Now | Launching a business with zero marketing budget forced Wing to be creative.

Buy an Unexploited Idea

0:24 | Play Now | Most inventors are not business people and most business people are not inventors.

Take Control of Your Life

3:09 | Play Now | Lorraine Miller is a successful business owner because she was willing to leave a bad boss. Now rather than dreading going to work, she looks forward to being the first person in every day.

Make A Little Go A Long Way

1:14 | Play Now | Jose Navarro of Navarro Discount Pharmacies in Miami started his near-billion dollar operation on a shoe string.

Be Willing To Change Everything

4:20 | Play Now | Bart Mahan nearly lost everything before he got his business model right.

Admit What You Don't Know

2:44 | Play Now | Harry Rosenthal had proven himself in the catalog business and was hired by Redford to launch the Sundance Catalog business. More...


Inspired to do it better?  ...faster, cheaper?

Love People

2:07 | Play Now | It is not enough to love the products you sell. You must also have a profound love for people to build a successful specialty retail shop.

Make Customers Not Sales

4:32 | Play Now | Owner Buddy Roybal never worried about selling and that has made him rich.

Find Suppliers Who Help

2:15 | Play Now | Founder Tom Gegax tell us that TiresPlus financed its growth by plowing the earnings of the business back into expansion and by borrowing from suppliers.

Serve The Low Profile Segment

2:55 | Play Now | Victoria is like millions of little girls. She has a horse in her backyard. Country Supply reaches these customers with a catalog that offers low prices.

Develop Multiple Revenue Streams

4:14 | Play Now | Joe Wasserman and his partner Richard Stanley are working to turn their theater into a multi-use gathering place for the community.

Offer the Hard to Find

2:07 | Play Now | Assuming you understand your target market thoroughly, the next task you have is to find things customers will want to buy that they can't find conveniently any place else.

Stay Focused on Your Target

0:41 | Play Now | Carol Schroeder wrote the book on specialty retailing. She says that successful shopkeepers who have made it through the Wal-Mart shake out know that they can not sell anything people can buy at Wal-Mart.

Make Shopping an Adventure

4:12 | Play Now | There is plenty to see and buy at Jackalope. Customers wander through acres of products organized into fascinating boutiques.

Create A Win-Win

2:31 | Play Now | Nicole Miller's designs and Bud Konheim's sales skills helped  build a profitable division of a conglomerate which they "bought out"  to create their own business. Be sure to study the transcript.

Sell a Lifestyle, Not a Product

4:07 | Play Now | People who visit Sundance Lodge want to take a piece of the lifestyle home with them, and the catalog offers it to them every month.

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Video: Inspire, Inform and Become Metaphors for Action

Treat People With Deep Respect

2:16 | Play Now | Pam McNair knows that people are the raw materials you must commit to working with, day in and day out, if you want to grow a company. More...

Look for Neglected Customers

2:25 | Play Now | Blair Taylor (Athlete's Foot Store in Compton near Los Angeles) says no retailer  should shy away from a neighborhood if you have a product that people in that neighborhood want or need. Blair is now the CEO of the LA Urban League.

Treat Customers Like Family

2:59 | Play Now | Perry Gates, an owner of Maine Gold, produces a fantastic maple syrup that is surpassed only by the sweet smell of success earned through a loyal customer following.

Infuse Fresh Thinking

2:39 | Play Now | There is no back room so all inventory is on display and tracked with bar code technology.

Break With Tradition

1:14 | Play Now | By making her luck, Nicole Miller launched a very successful tie collection for men which led to her handbags, eye glass cases, socks and other novelty items.

Do What You Love

3:17 | Play Now | Joan and Bill Keller started trekking some of the world's most remote places in the early 70s. They are explorers and adventurers who have tales to tell about places most people have never heard of before they become customers of Joan and Bill's shop, Le Travel Store.   More...