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Last Update: Saturday September 25, 2021

Brookstone Technologies of Australia

Make Life Easier

4:35 | Play Now | Brookstone Technologies sells to the companies that want to make it easy for employees to work anytime and from anywhere in the world.  Here co-owner John Stockbridge does business from the golf course. 

The World: Small Business SchoolFor several months, every time we tried reaching these people, they were in another city -- Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Jakarta, Tapiei, the Phillippines ..., and we quickly discovered that they never left their own time zone! They could live and work in what is known around the world as GMT+8 (Greenwich Mean Time plus 8 hours) and have access to half of the world's population.

It is hard to believe. It has also been a bit emabrrassing.

We took a long look at that list of cities above. We placed a blank map infront of each of us and tried to locate these major population centers. We will not report the scores, but just simply say that the results were not pretty.

It was time to take our blinders off and really study this little world in which we live. Perhaps it's time for all of us to go back and review that old geography course again ... you know, the one we had in fifth grade.

Now talk about strange contradictions, here this small business and their people live in the same time zone with China, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia, yet the city of Perth, Australia is the most remote "big" city (population over 1M) on earth. You have to get on an airplane and fly at least three hours to get to an equally large city!

It is no wonder that the people of Brookstone Technologies developed award winning software that allowed them to work in their own virtual office such that they could be anywhere and still have access to all the same information that was coming through their offices back home.

That is a powerful software tool. It caused us to stop and think, "What is software and where is it taking us?" Occasionally the Wall Street Journal runs an article asking the question, "Where is technology taking us?" 

Now that question is not easy  to answer, but in the study guide for this episode of the show, we may come close to one.


2:17 | Play Now | We filmed these colleagues pouring over their lap tops while enjoying lunch a perfect summer day overlooking the famous Sydney harbor.  Why stay in your office when you don't have to?

Seek Critical Reviews

3:16 | Play Now | Learn that entering a contest will sharpen you and winning will bring in new customers.  At major technology shows, peers offer their many opinions.

Make Customers Very Happy

3:46 | Play Now | Customer testimonies are a key to unlock sales and to get those testimonials you have to make sure that customers are more than satisfied.

Get Fit To Globe Trot

1:05 | Play Now | Hattie says that you have to leave home to win global customers.  

Merge To Grow

3:07 | Play Now | The best selling product from Brookstone Technologies is the
result of two small companies joining forces.

Protect Your Reputation

4:05 | Play Now | Errol Pollnow (below)  and John Stockbridge have had their ups and downs.  When John failed in his first venture, he made sure it taint his name.  Errol says, "We're a very small business, we're in a remote part of the world... and we decided to target the whole planet ..."

Export A Product

1:35 | Play Now | John Wargo says that global shipping is cheaper and easier than ever.

Virtual Office 

Virtual Office was designed " ... to manage and treat the knowledge inherent in a company as an asset. And what we empower people to do is to carry out their day-to-day business regardless of where they are so they can operate in a mobile environment, and that means that they can use handheld computers, they can use laptops, they can use an Internet browser at an airport and just come in and perform any function at that location that they would be able to do in their office. " - John Stockbridge

First Principles from this episode:

•  Implement WiFi ASAP.
•   Use Wi-Fi to redefine your business model.
•   Get your database in order: It is a first principle of business.
•   Seek critical reviews. Constructive criticism works.
•   Customer testimonies are a key to unlock sales.
•   Constantly redefine your understanding of the word, "Communication."
•   Respect within your industry can lead to being "discovered" from unexpected sources.
•   Character and integrity get carried through one's life.