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Family Business -- The best path to economic independence

Ask yourself, "How do I get referrals?"

One Possible Answer: Get Word-of-Mouth Marketing.

Kevin McGinley gets his customers to do his selling for him.

Southwestern, New Mexico: In this episode of the show, we go into New Mexico as guests of the Chamber of Commerce of Las Cruces and Silver City. When we asked them, "What is your biggest business problem?" both said "Job creation." Yet, when we asked, "Are there businesses that are creating jobs?" over 100 businesses were recommended!

So, we asked practically every business advocate in the State of New Mexico,  "Would you take a look at this list and tell us who would you'd like to represent your state on national television?" It quickly became apparent that any  businesses from that list of 100 would have been fine.

In this episode we visit five businesses to try to learn why they are so successful creating work for others.  We learned a lot.  

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Family business USA

Think about it: (1) 80-to-90% of all businesses started as a family business. (2) Only 30% will survive to the 2nd generation, 12% to the 3rd and just 3% to the 4th. (3) It's important that family-owned companies succeed -- they create 78% of all jobs.

A family business is the only hope of the poor.   Families that focus on a common goal...
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Do What You Know

3:00 | Play Now | The Souto Brothers learned about the coffee business from their father. That  knowledge and experience helped them achieve success.   More...

Buy A Business And Right Wrong

5:06 | Play Now | The Calise brothers took a failed family business and discovered that fixing an old company can be harder than starting a new one.   More...

Pass Ownership Formally

1:51 | Play Now | Mo wanted to officially make Cindy an owner so she changed her sole proprietorship to a corporation. Cindy then  bought stock through payroll deductions.   More...

Be The Person Others Will Follow

4:39 | Play Now | Darlene grew up in the school of hard knocks.  She paid attention and learned how to win and keep customers with a great attitude and fabulous service.   More...

Plan to Let Go

4:14 | Play Now | Founder Marty Edelston has turned the leadership of the company over to a young team.   More...

Develop New Products to Develop New Leaders

3:24 | Play Now | David LanCarte developed a salsa line for the grocery shelves.  Perfect timing... today the US consumes more salsa than ketchup!   More...

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