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Last Update: Thursday July 29, 2021

Inference machine and time metaphor

The Time Metaphor: Past, Present, Future and Future Perfect

Every piece of data has a time stamp and an actual or de facto value stamp. Within this technology, all data will eventually receive a value stamp and a time priority. That is a key technology being applied in many different ways throughout the industry today,  For example, it is used extensively within Wikipedia. 

We add an additional quadrant to the three common quadrants, past-present-future. The additional quadrant where the valuations are always the highest, could be called "Evergreen" while others might say, "First Principles" or "Foundations" or "Authenticity" or perhaps "Eternal."

Each quadrant uses inference technologies for knowledge processing.

This machine gives priority to that data with the highest user priority, yet includes all the objects on one's desktop and all events weighted or scheduled within one's time machine.

Authenticity expresses some part of the deep continuities, symmetries and harmonies of life.

Authenticity transcends time. It transcends personality. It reflects deep values, ethics and morality. In Hamlet, Shakespeare says, "To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou cans't be false to any man."

There is a lot of discussion these days about being authentic, yet our culture has embraced relativism; it has become politically correct to accept all values except those that are authentic!

A starting point: why we will try to use IBM tools and technologies

Every component and every technology needed to create this time and inference machine exists today. Either IBM or an IBM business partner is using these technologies today. They have not been bundled and made elegant. That is our challenge.

IBM was the founding sponsor of this television show.  She sponsored the show for over 40 seasons.  She provided us with the first infrastructure for our website back in 1994.  Though that is important for where we are today, even more important is  IBM's deep corporate legacy and commitment to values and ethics.  Here are the beginnings of the very practical side of authenticity.  Point in case, the CEO of IBM made offers to the US federal government that we support and encourage.  We believe this kind of offer plus  Business Intelligence within every agency of government -- federal state and local -- is necessary to reduce the debt and return to this nation to fiscal responsibility.   Let's increasingly catch waste, fraud and abuse.

This is what we said in an open letter to the White House: 

"I believe that if you were to go back to IBM's Sam Palmisano (of this 11:30 minute video, go to 8:01 or  9:20 to the end), you could get some free help. 

If you were to implement their Business Intelligence software systems across the board throughout the government to catch those business ratios outside the means, “Cut” would take on new meaning.  You will begin to catch the bad and the ugly abusers of the systems.  Please, at the very least, let's engage Palmisano's healthcare oversight plan.  It is a good idea and politically expedient." Go to the letter...

The history behind this time-and-inference machine

The television show has touched on these issues in several episodes.  Among them, key ideas from these episodes will be incorporated into the discussions about this time machine and how and why it works so well:
   •   Knowledge Management, Transition Associates and KMP Internet in England
  •   Collaboration: Time Technology, Inc, Godalming, England
  •   e-business: Many businesses throughout the world
  •   Web basics: Early adopters throughout the USA
  •   Virtual Offices, Brookstone Technology, Perth, Australia
  •   Intellectual Property over the Internet Protocol (IP/IP)
  •   Internet and Information Security