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Out of work or under-employed? Try starting a business.

Wow Your Customers

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San Diego County, California:  Sue Callaway became a nurse back when the uniform was a cap and a crisp white dress. She remembers wearing street clothes to the hospital then changing for duty into a clean uniform. Find out how she invented a business when the hospital she worked for started requiring nurses to purchase their own uniforms.

Since we taped this story, Sue and her partner opened too many retail stores too fast and found themselves in big trouble. S.C.R.U.B.S. was bought by SmartPractice and they restructured the business with Sue serving as President of the SCRUBS. The amazing part of this story is that we studied Naomi and Jim Rhode's company, SmartPractice, back in 1994 so we know both companies well and now they are one family.

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Look back to see ahead.  In 2009 there were only 11.1 million people unemployedIf at that time all of them were offered loans from $10K to $30K to start the business of their dreams, and if each had as many as five of our federal employees to rally around them, those new businesses might have gotten traction and become successful.  More...

That's what we advocated in a letter to the President of the USA.
Signed by over 150 small business owners / advocates, if  50% of the unemployed took out a very-low-cost loan of $30,000, we would have only loaned  $150 billion dollars and the unemployment would have dropped under 6%.   More...

We would have been teaching the world about the power of small business.  Today over 14 million people are unemployed in the USA.  That figure can be reversed if every one out of work were to engage people around the world to buy goods and services made in the USA that they enjoy and love. Become an exporterMore...

Eight steps to start, then run, grow and harvest a business.

 Wally Snyder, Flap Happy, Inc., Santa Monica, California

Recruit Your Family

1:10 | Play Now | Everybody pulls together.  Wally Snyder took over the day to day parenting duties, yet he is also responsible for the physical plant of their company. More...   More family videos...

Prepare Yourself

2:10 | Play Now | Know thyself.  Pamela Rodgers knew that selling herself meant she had to be as smart about people as she was about the business.   More...    About financing the start-up...

Try An Incubator

3:24 | Play Now | You don't have to do it alone.  Host Hattie Bryant discovers that entrepreneurs energize each other at a business incubator.  More...  Make Work More than Money...

Every adult American has had an idea for a business

Do Several Reality Checks

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