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Answer the key questions about business:

Hire experience.  Infuse fresh thinking.

San Diego: Visit with George Granoff, a corporate executive turned entrepreneur and small business owner. He bought and turned around a failing group of art supply stores. Now he is in the fast-lane for growth. Ever since graduating from college, he's worked in huge retail companies. He learned a lot. Then he took those years of experience to apply to a bankrupt chain of retail shops, The Art Store.

George's extraordinary business experience taught him much about scale, critical mass, and volume. Having run huge retail chains, George just couldn't imagine a business that is so small you can't enjoy the benefits of size.
GeorgeTo start a business from scratch would be too slow for George, so he bought an existing business in distress. The Art Store was a bargain. Like George, you don't have to start a business from scratch. Buy a business!
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Why have a small business?   What are the basic  foundations?
How liquid are you?  Do you know all the ways to harvest?
How will you get your equity out, but leave the heart in?

There are eight options. Study them all.  Focus on one, then go deeper.
How about the ESOP?   It's not easy. You and your people created this baby.  

George Otchere, SAIC

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The Ethical Foundations of Business: Each episode aired on PBS stations in the USA and the Voice of America around the world.  This television show has a simple starting point. It begins with a vision about foundations and the essence of integrity.

Teach others about the foundations of a democracy...

There is a case study guide, transcript and video.   We teach to imbue these concepts within ourselves. This episode with Michael Novak is a good starting point. Have everyone watch and study each of these key ideas.   More...

Watch videos about doing business the right way.

For example, there are over 250 videos just about sellingand more just about increasing sales. All are best practices of small business owners selected by local business advocates.   This is a place to reflect about business and the meaning of life.  

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