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Tough Times Can Be Good, Cleansing and Healing

Reflections over the years on 9/11

  • September 11, 2008  Bruce attended the unveiling of the Pentagon Memorial, a tribute to the 184 souls -- among the thousands -- who were lost in the terrorist attacks that fateful morning.  Zealots filled with hatred caused this day to be forever a study of tyranny and the antidotes for it. 

If we fail now, the terrorists will have won...

1.   In the USA we lifted up a man as president for all the wrong reasons.

2.  Eleven years gives us perspective on the Islam and the Koranic teachings:

We have got to find every Islamic scholar who understands the difference between divinity and humanity and who can critically re-interpret the Koran and Sharia Law to lift up beauty and expunge domination and exploitation. At the same time we need to teach the Western World, big business especially including television and entertainment, how to lift up beauty and expunge domination and exploitation as modulus operandi. All governments must do the same if we are ever to have peace on this earth.   More...

3.  Transcend religion, science and cultures. 

Everyone within open and democratic societies needs to have lessons in values, mores and morals that transcend religion, science and cultures. Here is a first-pass proposal.