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Be Tough on the Next Generation

Glen Rock, New Jersey:   When power, love, and money intersect within a family, one never knows how it'll play out. When company founders, Rose and Hubert Opici, thought the next generation was ready to run the company, they retired to Florida.  They were a bit too optimistic. Though part of the family, their new leadership had power and money but not the love that was special ingredient that had nurtured Rose and Hubert's business into being for over three decades. Luckily, Rose and Hubert were paying attention. They came out of retirement and restored health and vitality to the business.  

 The hard lessons learned from that experience steeled the family for the tasks ahead. Their daughter, Linda, became president and they began recruiting strong veteran industry talent. Then to prepare their grandchildren, Dina and Don are getting on the job training from the bottom up.
Learn how a business is built by celebrating life around an evening dinner with family, customers and suppliers. It is a very basic business formula: Know your customers and suppliers well. Get to understand them, like them, and trust them, and the business follows.  This company opened for business in 1933 and you will hear the third generation talking about taking Opici into its second century of operation.

There are eight steps to start, run, grow and harvest a business.

Home Alone, Greg Steckler Step 1Know yourself. Capitalize on you.
Key Question: How do I get started in business?
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Step 2: Knock on Doors
Key Question: How do I get my first sale?
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Monica Morgan Photography Step 3: Be the best
Key Question:  How do I stand out in the crowd?
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Step 4: Refine a trend
Key Question: How do I spot an opportunity?
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Nicole Miller, fashion designer Step 5: Develop Multiple Sales Channels
Key Question:   How do I find new customers?
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Step 6: Market on the web
Key Question: How do I increase profits?
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The Importance of Mentoring Step 7:  Invest in Your Profession
Key Question: How do I stay excited about life?
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Step 8:  Eat Dinner with Your Customers
Key Question: How do I keep customers coming back?
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