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Last Update: Thursday July 29, 2021

New Small Businesses Can Turn Any Economy Around

How do I grow my business?

Answer: Ask Veteran Employees To Think in New Ways

Newark, New Jersey: Every week we hear small business owners say, "Stay focused. Empower your people."  Hear from a man who has transformed an old family business by servicing his core clients in new ways. We go into a Portuguese neighborhood in Newark, New Jersey to learn about distribution of pipes, valves and fitting from a business that services builders and contractors.

Meet Howard Kent and his team at Ironbound Valve Actuation. Like most of us, he learned his lessons the hard way. He now says, "Plan your work. And, work your plan, so . . . when you do succeed, it's not by chance and it's not by luck; it's just that you followed your game plan."

The old family business, once called Ironbound Supply, is in the same location since 1966, Howard sells the same type of pipes his father-in-law started selling when the doors opened. But, the valve actuation business is growing globally.

As well you can imagine, to go global, Howard constantly streamlines his systems with a mixture of old technology and new.

1.  Everybody needs to be involved to jump start  thousands of new businesses.
2.  We'll need to find-and-stop all the waste-fraud-abuse in  local-state-federal.
3.  It is a mindset.  We all work to get people working.  Offer the unemployed loans from $10K to $30K to start the business of their dreams, and  involve as many as five government employees to rally around them, their businesses could get traction and be successful. More...

That is what we advocated in a letter to the President of the USA on 1-21-2009.
Signed by over 150 small business owners and advocates, even if only 50% of the 11.1 million unemployed took out that very-low-cost loan of $30,000, that's only $180 billion dollars and unemployment would have dropped to less than 6%.   More...

We would have been teaching the world about the power of small business.  Today over 13.5 million people are unemployed in the USA.  That figure can still be reversed. We have a few ideas.  Yet, we all have ideas.  Share them.  More...

Businesses where creativity trumps any and all differences

Diversity in the workplace cultivates ideas and gives perspective. Explore the site. If you're a family business, click here. Please log in; navigation is easier. More...

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