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We Are All To Blame For All The Debt

Be innovation driven, not sales driven

Hattie Bryant, the host and producer of the show:  "I only wish we could clone George and Arnold; the cities across America would be transformed. There are so many lessons we can learn from them, but really, this is what they taught me. George and Arnold looked at each other and said, “We don't want to be sales-driven anymore. We want to make a bigger impact on the world with our lives.” Sales-driven. That's all I've ever been as a business owner. And most of us are addicted to it."

In 1980, George and Arnold decided to stop being sales-driven and start being innovation-driven.  That's when their lab stopped being on the side-line and started being at the core of the company. That's when recruiting scientists with PhD's and Master's Degrees became a priority and that's when they saw a big vision for their company and that vision has been guiding them ever since.

Do you need to stop doing what you're doing to create an even greater opportunity for your business?   For George and Arnold, it meant they had to stop being sales-driven and start being innovation-driven.

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If any politician plays the blame card, let's fire them.  We are all awakening.  It took a ratings company to open our eyes. We knew that the politicians had lost their way. Both parties had been feeding special interest groups, piling on with political favors, abusing hard-earned tax dollars, ignoring the will of the people believing that we didn't know what we want. We certainly know this, and say to Congress, "Get to work. Balance the budget. Cut the pork. Find and close the loopholes-waste-corruption. Have everybody who makes a dollar pay a fair share. Fix the tax code."  Plus we all need to challenge each other, "Get more creative. Solve a local, national and global problem. Build your business." There are plenty of ideas to go around.   More...

Out of work? Start a business.   Have a business? Grow it.

Step 1: Dreaming

Joel Greene, artist, Santa Fe
Step 2: Starting

Hope Lancarte, Joe T Garcia Restaurant, Fort Worth
Step 3: Selling

COIICD, founder, Blair H. Taylor, owner, The Athletes Foot, Compton, California
Step 4: Growing

Deland, Florida, winner of The Great American Main Street Award, National Trust for Historic Preservation
Step 5: Employing

RJ Duffy, CFO, Gadabout SalonSpas, Tucson
Step 6: Scaling

Gary Salomon, founder, FastSigns, Carrollton, Texas
Step 7: Sustaining

Step 8: Exiting

This television show is all about living life abundantly.

The Power of a Question.  Every video has a key question.  Most every key question has multiple answers.  Some have dozens. A few have over 100 answers!

Keys to productivity and new insights. Use one key question per day with your people. Become a fifteen-minute focus group.  Explore each others' answers.  Explore secondary questions.  Your business will be transformedGuaranteed.

This weekly, half-hour show aired on most PBS stations throughout the USA
and literally on 1000s of stations worldwide through the Voice of America-TV.  Why?

All are on-location, insights from small business owners selected by their community.
We learn about the power of business and how values motivate them. More...

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