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The 30-90 of New Orleans

Economic Development at the 30/90 ?


By clicking on the link, a wiki map opens at the exact location.  Notice in the very middle of the picture a little white cross.  Cursor over that location and zoom in the maximum distance.

A working document to begin discussions with the key asset holders begins here.

The New New Orleans

30° N 90° W  A possible destination
for entertainment, living & boating

Imagine a GPS-determined development project involving new wharfs, restaurants and high-end housing and hotels that involves the City of New Orleans, the Port of New Orleans, with cooperation of CSX who owns most of that location, and all the abutting and nearby neighbors, including New Orleans Cold Storage & Warehouse Co, Dedicated Trailer Cleaning Services Inc, NODS Terminal Road facility, Crescent Crown Distributer, BlueLinx New Orleans, Intermodal Park including Dupuy Warehouse 21, and First Student Bus Services.

Descriptions and pictures of the site

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Here can be all things 30/90:

1.  30/90 is a musical composition.  You can listen to it being performed and read the lyrics here:

2.  There is even a local software company: 
30 90 Group LLC, 7700 Nelson Street, New Orleans, LA 70125

The 30/90 Group Logo

This Location, 30.00.00N 90.00.00W:
Approximately 90 feet by 90 feet.
Every reading  inclusive of 30.01 to 30.99°N and from 90.01 to 90.99° could become the first locations developed simply based on a GPS coordinate.

The gathering spot for all people celebrating their 30th or 90th birthdays! 

This is a ten degree and a 30 degree confluence at the edge of Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) Zones 14 and 15; it is also known as a twelve-zero confluence!  

The evolution of an idea

March 2009:  First online exploration

April  2010:  The most simple GPS positions

May 2010:   Wanted - New Entrepreneurs

July 2010:   New Orleans is at the 30/90

The 30/90 Square

30.00.00°N 90.00.00°W   Interactive map

TO:    The Leadership of New Orleans

            This initial email went to Mayor Mitch Landrieu and Commissioners
            Arnie Fielkow, Jacquelyn Brechtel Clarkson, Kristin Gisleson Palmer,
            Susan Guidry, Stacy Head, Cynthia Hedge-Morrell of the City of New Orleans
            on 1300 Perdido Street,  Suite 2E04, New Orleans,  Louisiana 70112

FM:     A friend of New Orleans, Bruce Camber

RE:    Economic development, possibly a new idea, based on a simple fact

We all have heard that New Orleans is located on the GPS coordinates, 30°N, 90°W and in fact the exact location is just off the Interstate 10, over in East Orleans, right on the Terminal Road, between the Intracoastal Waterway (IW) and Almonaster Street. It appears to be land owned by the Port of New Orleans. Abutters include the Army Corps of Engineers, CSX, and other independent businesses.

It is a good site to create a new definition of the new New Orleans.  There are no other cities in the world that actively use their GPS coordinates effectively.  And, increasingly, those GPS coordinates will be used for virtually anything that requires being located.

This site could become a major tourist attraction. Within this location could be businesses, hotels, docks, nightclubs, restaurants, and luxury-and-multi-income homes that give the entire area a substantial lift. There are other developments related to the film industry and rapid-construction-and-infrastructure development that we might discuss at a later date.

Of course, it has challenges. 

The huge railway parking area is a challenge.  It is zoned Industrial. But looked at correctly, all challenges can become positives. 

Already, there are a few designations of the 30/90 that confirm its rising importance and value. Just over in the right column there are three links to extended descriptions and pictures.

First, this email is a letter of introduction.  Second, this is concept that I would love to see my new city develop.  Now I happen to live in River Ridge, but our zip code, 70123 is a New Orleans zip code and we are always "...from New Orleans." 

Now,  I am originally from Boston, my wife from San Diego, but her sister is married to a favorite son, so we moved here to be closer to family.

Back to this concept...  it did not come out of the blue.

I have a working proposal with UNESCO's World Heritage Sites to designate the world's most simple GPS sites as potential future sites based on maximizing each location in a way commensurate with site qualifications

I thought you might find this note to be of some interest.  If you do, I would be most willing to come by  and discuss it further.


Bruce Camber

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