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Last Update: Saturday September 25, 2021

Goshow Architects

GOSHOW Architects, NYC

New York City: In 1978 architects Nancy and Eric  Goshow started Goshow Architects in their living room. Today it is a full-service architectural firm with a portfolio of K-12 schools and higher educational facilities, multi-family and affordable housing developments, and healthcare and transportation projects for numerous government agencies and not-for-profit organizations. The couple has forty employees so they have had to learn how to lead a growing firm.  Eric is the primary designer while Nancy keeps the work rolling in and firm running smoothly.

The last time we saw Nancy Goshow she was discussing contracts at a Business Matchmaking event sponsored by the SBA, part of $60± billion in annual small business contracts set aside by the US federal government. Goshow Architects has such depth and experience, they can now easily handle $30M contracts.
Follow Nancy's example. At least 23% of all federal contracts are mandated to go to small business, but you've got to be certified!  The US Congress has mandated that every agency attempt to award 23% of all contracts to small businesses, especially those with diversity and with women in leadership roles.   It is called a set-aside and it doesn't stop there.

The federal and state governments look carefully at all the big business contracts and are more favorable when they see big business award 23% of their sub-contracts to small business.

Architecture-and-design are one small segment of these contracts and sub-contracts. Every business category listed under Industries can have a role in lowering the cost of government while improving services.

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Fuse Beauty and Function

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Eric Goshow is the great drawing talent at Goshow.  He is surrounded by other architects and the team works to deliver to clients both beauty and function.

Learn How to Collaborate

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Collaborate - it isn't just a new buzz word for cooperation; it is more, and it works.

Go After a Variety of Markets

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Goshow has a portfolio that includes the fanciful like this children's museum.

Develop a 40+ Year Vision

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As an architect, Nancy Goshow knows that some European cathedrals took hundreds of years to build and some renovations on the Great Wall of China took 200 years. 

Create Good Work

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Architects at Goshow enjoy lovely space, the tools, the jobs and the leadership they need to grow professionally.

Ask and Listen

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The sales cycle for big projects is long and Nancy Goshow says the only way to get a large piece of work is to ask customers what they want and then listen carefully to what they say.

Respect the Talents of Others

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Nancy and Eric Goshow profoundly respect each other and they have deep and abiding respect for every person on their team.

Respect and recognize the Genius in Others

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Respect is an important quality for coherence within an office, even a society. Eric and Nancy are reminded every day of the worst kind of disrespect and contempt for laws and human life. They see that empty space where the World Trade Center once stood. There are so many in the world who only respect themselves (narcissists and solipsists). More...

Stay in Touch

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These partners know that communication with employees and customers is the oil that keeps their business running smoothly.