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What is your work? Think about it... Is it just job?

Do It Cheaper, Faster and Better


Find out where they are weak then expose that weakness to the customers you are going after.  Tom Sauner came out of the shoot with a lower price solution because as a new company he did not have the high costs associated with old technology, long-term employees and high-rent offices.

Educational Options picked an area of online learning that others were in nearly by default and they became the superior offer in that area.  His courses are for at-risk students and his approach has never been to replace a teacher but to provide a teacher with the best tools to help the struggling kid who has missed classroom teaching for various reasons.

What are you learning?  Can work be a calling?   ...your life?

If you are an entrepreneur, you always have four options in life:

Andy Wilson, founder, Boston Duck Tours, Boston, Massachusetts Start a Business

Andy Wilson had a dream. He had a job, too. He made good money, but he wasn't satisfied. He wanted to do more. so jumped ship to start Boston Duck Tours and literally changed history. He says, "Quit your job."
Key Question: How do I get started in business?

Toby Malachi, Malachi International, Indianapolis, Indiana Grow a Business

Use your Social Capital. If you are genuinely in love with your community, get out and volunteer. You will develop an abundance of social capital and you will be quietly and profoundly surprised to see how it is leveraged! Toby Malichi knows.
Key Question: What do I need to know?


Buy a Business
You can always buy a franchise! Here you meet Anne Beiler, founder of Auntie Anne's Pretzels. They now have over 900 stores; most are franchises owned by others. She says, "Find an angel."
Key Question: How do I buy a business?

Sell a Business
Don't let your dream turn into a nightmare and feel trapped by the business you created. Hattie interviews many different business owners and reflects on what it means to sell your business and then reinvent yourself!
Key Question: How do I find buyers?

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