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Last Update: Saturday September 25, 2021

Cafe Pilon, Rowland Coffee & the Souto family

Do What You Know

3:00 | Play Now The Souto Brothers were smart to learn about the coffee business from their father.  The  knowledge and experience they gained even as children helped them achieve success.

Miami: In this episode, we open with pictures from 1961 just before Castro forced his ways into the homes and business of this family. And though he took over everything, he could not take over their spirit.

This family left behind all their worldly possessions but came to the USA with their greatest possessions -- their integrity, their love of family and friends, their creativity, their love of Cuban espresso coffee, and the knowledge needed to rebuild their family business from scratch.

Meet the Souto family, owners of Rowland Coffee Roasters in Miami.  They started with a coffee delivery business, bought Rowland, then Cafe Pilon, then Cafe Bustelo,  Medaglia D'Oro Espresso, Java Cabana and more.

This episode of the show is in memory of José Angel ''Pepe'' Souto, the Patriarch of the family who died at the age of 91 on November 18, 2007.

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Leave To Learn

2:16 | Play Now | All three Souto brothers went off to college in order to work for big business.  They all came back to make what their father started into the major player within their industry segment.

Acquire The Competition

2:53 | Play Now | The Souto family has acquired their competitors twice. This strategy has made them the largest Cuban coffee roasters in the US.

Demand Quality From Suppliers

1:54 | Play Now | The Soutos must buy their coffee beans on global commodity markets.  To avoid mistakes, they have internal controls because they know that  their supply chain is critical to their ability to deliver quality.

Give Employees The Newest Tools

4:10 | Play Now | Jose Souto explains that new tools and cutting-edge technology improves morale and productivity.

Customize For Key Customers

2:06 | Play Now | Customization for customers is the best way to fend off competition and it is the secret to earning millions from repeat sales.  Angel Souto is in charge of sales at Cafe Pilon.

Set Your Ego Aside

0:53 | Play Now | Host Hattie Bryant says that  the Soutos were smart to buy a competitor and build on its brand.

Make Your Word As Good As Gold

3:29 | Play Now | Your reputation is your greatest asset. This video opens with a little lesson for making espresso coffee, It captures the most important lesson these men learned from their father, "Your word is your bond."

Keep Dreaming

3:21 | Play Now | The owners of Cafe Pilon, who seem to have it all, keep dreaming about a better future.  They want to keep growing and someday sell coffee in a free Cuba.  This is Enrique, Jose and Angel Souto.