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Last Update: Sunday July 25, 2021

You can protect your Intellectual Property (IP).

But first,  value your Intellectual Property.

3:21 | Play Now Attorney Mark Litvack says you should not be cavalier about your intellectual assets.

Silicon Valley, Los Angeles and Seattle: The simple commandment, "Thou shalt not steal," just four words, is ingrained in our conscience. In this episode of the show,  we struggle to understand why we act so differently when it comes to Intellectual Properties (IP).

Economies grow when money is transacted for something of value. Theft kills economies and IP theft is a real pandemic.

Let's visit with the lawyers who argued down Grokster in the U.S. Supreme Court. We visit with a small business owner who is being ripped off, a composer who is figuring it out, and technologists who are waging the war to protect our intellectual assets.
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Note: Mark Litvak and George Borkowski helped to bring down Grokster through litigation that went to the Supreme Court.  They also put Napster in timeout.

Use Technology to Protect Your Intellectual Property

3:06 | Play Now | Steve Weinstein, the former CTO at MacroVision, and now the CEO of MovieLabs,  says that  technology will constantly be racing ahead to protect digital property.

Throw The Book At The Thieves

4:00 | Play Now | George Borkowski of Los Angeles, representing the Record Industry of America (RIA)   successfully sued Napster in US Supreme Court, then went after Grokster and backed them down.

Join An Organization That Litigates and Educates

3:47 | Play Now | Daniel Walker belongs to an organization made up of composers that works to protect its members'  intellectual property.   

Stand Your Ground

3:01 | Play Now | Bob Tarcea, founder of Sign To Me, says that the Internet has turned even the nicest people into thieves.

Offer Customers Try-Buy

2:07 | Play Now | From building plan sites, part of a plan is given away to convince customers to buy a full set of plans.

Validation and Piracy

3:16 | Play Now | Maggie Sanchez of Microsoft says that one in five copies of software in the US are pirated.

Educate in Your World

2:37 | Play Now | Like composer Daniel Walker, every business owner must get on a soap box and teach others that stealing ideas is wrong.