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Last Update: Thursday July 29, 2021

Mir Fox Rodiguez: A Study of Resilience

How do you stand out?  Why?  Are you sure?

AnswersCelebrate the best.  Embrace the new.

"Our goal is always to be the best business adviser we can be and to really offer proactive service to the client." - Carolyne Fox

Houston, Texas: Carolyne Fox and her firm, Mir, Fox, Rodriguez, came to our attention through the CEO of the first PBS station in the USA, KUHT-TV. When we looked further, we found awards, citations, and innovations. To be selected as the study for an episode, a business must come up on everyone's list as being "...loved by their community and respected within their industry."

These people were all of that and more.

In this episode of the show, we continue our walk down the Main Streets of America to see how people with a vision and with excellence can be successful in their field.

Their most important product here is their public accounting know-how, yet this is also a very important story here about turning adversity into greatness.

Most CPAs do not think of themselves as entrepreneurs. They see themselves as players on the team of companies headed by entrepreneurs. Carolyne Fox admits that she would still work in a big, world-famous CPA firm if she had not been forced to leave by a merger.

Stand Out in the Crowd

4:05 | Play Now | Mir Fox & Rodriguez always thought they would go up against "the big boys", like the firm they left when they started out on their own. To do that, they had to distinguish themselves from other small firms.

Embrace the New

2:03 | Play Now | Carolyne Fox talks about the firm's early adoption of technology and how they were one of the first CPA firms to go paperless.

Turn Lemons into Lemonade

3:22 | Play Now | When Roland Rodriguez and his colleague were left out of leadership due to a merger, they quit and started their own firm that has become extremely successful. More videos about starting a business...

Plan to Stay Small

3:22 | Play Now | Small businesses, with smaller management groups, are more flexible and responsive to changing dynamics in the marketplace.

Turn Interns into Strong Staff

4:17 | Play Now | Interns are paid, given valuable work assignments and treated with respect.

Listen to Young Team Members

2:56 | Play Now | The owners welcome ideas for improving their business from all employees and there is a process in place to recognize such contributions.

Celebrate Often

2:30 | Play Now | Partner Carolyne Fox insists that having fun together increases overall productivity.

A background story about how the times have changed.
In this episode of the show two of the three founders were fired, "assisted out" by a Big Five firm; they were not invited to become partners. That was 1987. The good-old-boy network weighed woman and minorities by a different standard. Yet, when these three decided to work together, the sum of the whole equaled an entrepreneurial powerhouse with balance, vision, heart and soul. Though they know and respect the rules, these three are also redefining them.

While Gasper Mir works in the community and brings in new clients, Carolyne Fox manages the service side freeing Roland Rodriguez to develop new businesses and work with their offices in Mexico and South America.