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Last Update: Saturday September 18, 2021

Meet Scott Mooney, founder of Country Supply

How do you get 450,000 customers?

Ottumwa, Iowa: Scott Mooney, the founder of Country Supply, has something to teach us. Scott' s town of less than 40,000 people is a  solid hour south of Des Moines yet he has over 450,000 customers. He is a "country" man.  His business supplies people who love the country lifestyle.  His customers are from all over the country and from many different countries.

When we taped this story, this business was generating over $17 million in annual sales.

Scott is a natural merchant. He started his business while in junior high school. The business was was full time even before he graduated from high school.  His list compiling story is a classic; everybody should smile. The good news is that Scott takes the leap from gathering names and addresses to managing those names and real data about the needs and desires of all his customers and several million potential customers.

To be in business, database management is a must. Yet, in today's world, knowledge management tools are also needed to mine that database; it is essential to being a sustainable business.   As you would imagine, Scott learned a lot on the job. He had grown his business to about eighty people. They did everything and it was exhausting.

He just about burned out when he learned about outsourcing -- "do what you do best and find somebody else to do the rest." After researching and interviewing he chose the Stark Brothers Fulfillment Services in "his backyard" about 100 miles south in Louisiana, Missouri. By having Stark's specialists focus on his orders, inventory, shipping, and first-line customer support, Scott and his people had the freedom to focus on their core competencies.

Since the taping of this episode of the show, Scott sold his company to a global business.  He got that unexpected knock on the door and an offer he just simply could not refuse.

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Serve The Low Profile Segment

2:55 | Play Now | Victoria is like millions of little girls. She has a horse in her backyard.  Country Supply reaches these customers with a catalog that offers low prices.

Live Like Your Customers Live

1:15 | Play Now | Scott Mooney started his business to serve other horse owners.  This is Scott with his children on their family farm where they live and where Scott has his company headquarters.

Do The Tedious Work To Target

2:15 | Play Now | Horse owners spend millions to enjoy their hobby and many look for bargains.  Scott spent years finding the names and addresses of these potential customers.

Ask Vendors To Be Your Bank

2:04 | Play Now | Country Supply customers brag on the company's catalog and its personal service.

Learn from your Customers

2:08 | Play Now | The founder of Country Supply had to learn how to reach new customers via catalog.

Price To Turn

2:31 | Play Now | The Country Supply catalog offers unique products priced to please.

Help People Find Their Gifts

1:03 | Play Now | The small team at Country Supply works hard to get their customers to smile.

Generate Energy Naturally

1:39 | Play Now | Founder Scott Mooney is energetic because he is doing what he does best.

Change Tactics As You Grow

1:54 | Play Now | Horse owners flocked to Country Supply products and growth demanded change.

Turn Bad News Into Good News

2:00 | Play Now | The dot-com bust left plenty of fulfillment capacity forcing prices down to help Country Supply.

Hire a CFO Sooner Than Later

1:20 | Play Now | Bringing in finance expertise will add, not take away, from your bottom line.

Grow With Retained Earnings

1:44 | Play Now | Country Supply was forced to grow on retained earnings which kept it efficient.

Make Work Your Play

1:47 | Play Now | Scott reflects on his years going to bat and swinging to make things work.  He hit several home runs only because he was willing to try to hit that ball.     More...