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Last Update: Monday May 10, 2021

How do I stay excited about life?

Answer The Question Often

1.  How am I purposefully staying excited about life? 

2.  What makes me smile?  

3.  What or who has recently inspired me?  

Now we all know that life is short.  Before you know it, school is over, your married, had children, now grandchildren, and you look back and ask, "How did it all happen so quickly?" 

There are many serious  problems with our educational systems.  One of them is that there is no teaching about death and no real understanding of the cycles of life beginning with the cycle of a day -- from waking, eating, working, thinking, discussing, ideating (deep thinking), building, napping, relaxing, creating, building, and so much more.

At the end of each day, most people just fall asleep.  We go until we get tired and say, "I need some sleep." 

The same thing happens within a life cycle.  First, we get tired.  Then we get somehow resigned to our current state of affairs.  Many get depressed.  Some give up hope.  Some stop looking ahead to the future. And, when all that happens the systems begin to shut down.

It doesn't have to happen that way.  You can be creative, thoughtful, reflective and joyful right up until your dying day.

How?  These people will give you some clues.  We will give you some answers. 

Create Value for Others

1:24 | Play Now | Host Hattie Bryant says that the founders of Triplex Cinema chose to create something useful rather than stay bored by retirement.

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Make More Than Money -- Make Impact

3:15 | Play Now | Hattie says that the real riches of success can't always be measured in dollars and cents.

Work Yourself Into Youth

1:05 | Play Now |  Host Hattie Bryant discovers that Ebby Halliday doesn't believe in retirement for herself. 

Be Bold

1:35 | Play Now | Host Hattie Bryant says that the eHarmony team is a success because it doesn't compromise.

Keep Your Family Engaged

3:24 | Play Now | Your family should be in the front row cheering you on.  Glenn and Wanda have cleared the way for their extended family to take over.

Find Your Place To Serve

3:54 | Play Now |   The business owners in our library are big-hearted and generous. Bill Sugars loves his town and he is part of why it is such a great place to live.

Love People

2:07 | Play Now |   It is not enough to love the products you sell. You must also have a profound love for people to build a successful specialty retail shop.

Prepare For Perpetual Problems

2:08 | Play Now | Queue

Nicole Miller and Bud Konheim have taken a company from an idea to over $130 million in annual sales and they warn us all that it never gets easy. 

Make Your Mission Statement Inspirational

2:24 | Play Now | Anne Beiler's mission is to be a guiding LIGHT for her employees and franchisees.   More...

Be A Giver Not A Taker

2:28 | Play Now |  Frank has done so much for his community, the city leaders gave him his own exit off a busy Southern California freeway.

Add By Subtracting

3:06 | Play Now |   Marc Katz loves giving in the name of his business, Katz's Deli and Bar.

Follow Your Heart

5:29 | Play Now |  To realize his dream of taking super-wide pictures, Ken Duncan gave up a big money-making opportunity with New York City talent agencies.

Keep Falling in Love

3:29 | Play Now |  The founder warns that you must love your company and what it does for its customers.

Invest In Your Community

1:35 | Play Now |  Arnold says, "You can have ethics and you can have the desire to renovate and to be an uplifting spirit within an area.   More...

Believe in Yourself

1:08 | Play Now |  To start, run and grow a business, Linda Benjamin, says you need confidence.

Make Work About More Than Money

2:38 | Play Now |  On Target is a place where achievement is a core value and this is just one of the posters in the On Target Achievement Series. 

Look on the Bright Side

3:32 | Play Now |  Gary Walls' life was an inspiration to us all who don't appreciate what we have.  He proved that optimism is attractive and will win you customers, employees and loyal suppliers.

Invest in Your Profession

1:53 | Play Now |  Young people are experiencing success because Milton Moses takes time to mentor.

Keep Working Even When You're You've Made It

1:15 | Play Now |  Gunars Valkirs, Kim Blickenstaff and Ken Buechler love the challenges work presents.  It gives meaning and value to their life.

Act on Your Dreams

3:09 | Play Now |   Darby has an MBA and worked on Wall Street but he's much happier shopping the world and bringing it back to his store in Santa Fe.

Set Goals And Measure Yourself Against Them

1:19 | Play Now | Ahmad's wife, Michelle Chebbani, has worked in the business since they opened the doors.  She says that Ahmad's secret to success is to always be striving for new and bigger goals. More...  

Get Yourself a Big Goal

3:00 | Play Now | Albert's mission is to create jobs and make the American Dream possible for his employees. The American Dream he talks about is ownership. He wants employees to own stock in the company, to become what he calls a 20% saver, to go to college and build happy, productive lives.   More...

Make Work Your Recreation

3:14 | Play Now | The patio with a swimming pool was added by Hope so her children could swim between shifts.  Now customers enjoy eating outside under the live oaks and surrounded by bright flowers.

Give More Than Money

2:37 | Play Now | BizTech's director, Joanne Randolph, explains that money and time donated by successful entrepreneurs keep her doors open.