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Sundance Catalog - In Search of the Archetypes of the West

Put Your Own Skin in the Game

1:27 | Play Now | From Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Robert Redford used the money he earned from making this movie and took a leap of faith  to buy land and launch  this business.

Provo Canyon and Salt Lake City, Utah:  Travel into a pristine part of the Rocky Mountains, a place that Robert Redford wanted to preserve. To sustain his dream and continue to pay for it all, he turned to Brent Beck and Harry Rosenthal when he had an idea for a catalog business.

Brent knew the products. Harry knew direct mail. But, unlike most of us, these three had a fast start for this business -- leveraging the Robert Redford brand.

It wasn't always easy even for Redford. When he applied for that initial loan from the bank, just like so many of us, he was rejected.

By turning to investors, he bought the land  and began thinking of how to turn it into a business. That was in the late '60's.  Now this area is a premier recreation destination; the film festival has become a major venue for artists to learn and display their work. And, the catalog business is going gangbusters.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid  created the momentum; Redford took the flying leap, and then he was joined first by Brent and then by Harry. It's a good story. Even celebrities, once less than famous, had to crawl, scrap, and take a risk -- a flying leap -- just like the rest of us.

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Admit What You Don't Know

2:44 | Play Now | Harry Rosenthal had proven himself in the catalog business and was hired by Robert Redford to launch his Sundance Catalog.   More...

Hire People Who Have Done What You Want to Do

1:31 | Play Now | Brent Beck went from working in the Sundance Lodge gift shop and scouting the country to find American crafted items that fit into the image of the lodge, to catalog buyer. 

Live, Eat, Sleep the Business

1:48 | Play Now | Entrusting the vision behind the Sundance Catalog is not for people who want to work 8-5.

Use A Famous Face

2:15 | Play Now | More than just the owner, Robert Reford symbolizes the environment and arts that are represented in the carefully-selected items sold in Sundance Catalog.

Attach Yourself to a Cause

2:26 | Play Now | The Sundance Catalog is dedicated to helping American artisans by marketing their creations and generating cash to support their unique work and to to protect wilderness areas.

Be Thoroughly Authentic

1:31 | Play Now | Using a famous face and cause marketing can help get you in the customer's door. Authenticity and customer service keep it open for you. 

Build a Brand

1:07 | Play Now | Hattie says that Redford has built a solid brand around the Sundance name by  using it on the wilderness lodge and the catalog that goes to millions every year.

Buy and Apply Technology

1:35 | Play Now | Technology will either help or hinder you.  It's best if your technology is slightly ahead of your growth.

Sell a Lifestyle, Not a Product

4:07 | Play Now | People who visit Sundance Lodge want to take a piece of the lifestyle home with them, and the catalog offers it to them every month.

Put Plans in Writing

0:56 | Play Now | Harry Rosenthal was hired to start a business from scratch so he started by putting a plan in writing.

Anticipate Poor Cashflow

1:20 | Play Now | Running a business requires good planning, realistic expectations and preparing for the worst.

Expect to Fail

1:36 | Play Now | Experience teaches that you will fail along the path to growing your business.