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Last Update: Thursday July 29, 2021

The Goals and Objectives of the Research Team in Vietnam

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Find the best and lift up the rest

1.  Markets:   With a population of over 86 million people, there are no less than 20 markets of 4± million people in each.   More
2.   Businesses:   300,000+ official businesses pay taxes.  There are 3 million very small businesses or start-ups. More

Goal:  Identify 3000 (1% of 300,000) of the best businesses in Vietnam

  • First, with Chambers of Commerce and businesses associations throughout Vietnam, they will identify the top 1% of member businesses.  Each  person in the Research Team will be the advocates for 100  businesses and each will be actively in contact with 300 others.
  • Second,  each team member will begin to prepare the business owners for television.  They will help them with their answers to  short answers to important business questions.  Each will engage television and film producers throughout the country and surrounding countries.  Each will begin recording the answers by these businesses.
  • Third, they will help these Vietnamese businesses build relations with businesses throughout the USA.  
  • Fourth, they will work with her Vietnamese government to facilitate the imports of goods from the USA and exports of goods for these Vietnamese businesses to the USA.
  • Fifth, they will work with local television stations in Vietnam.  Some of these initial recordings of answers will become documentaries and each will be working  to include these documentaries on prime time television throughout Vietnam.

Research Team Members:  These are all people with a deep love of their country and a desire to show off the very best of Vietnam. In these early stages, there will be approximately 10 team members.  Eventually there will be a team member for every 300-to-400 businesses that are identified within a region or an industry.  Each team member will be actively working with as many as 100 businesses within the course of a year.


Introducing Tri Nguyen

Tri is the founder of Western Travel in Ho Chi Minh City. He is also becoming a Producer and an Executive Producer with the new television series, The Best Businesses of Vietnam.

One of his goals is to show off the best of Vietnam's businesses to the world. He also wants to bring the best American business people to Vietnam to teach best business practices by example. He has a love for telling the true stories that capture the best from Vietnam's long history. His work is to help develop the best stories and the related destinations throughout Vietnam.   Key businesses...

To contact:   137 De Tham, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, District 1, HCM City, Vietnam   Tel: 01277024891    Hotline: 039-387-1128


Introducing Nguyen Thi Dai

Dai is best known for her work within the financial services industry, however, she will also be an Executive Producer for the television series, Best Businesses of Vietnam.  She will focus on Import/Export, entrepreneurship, education, and Information.      Key businesses...

To contact:   137 De Tham, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, District 1, HCM City, Vietnam   Tel: 0909643958 

The Key Resource people in Vietnam:

1.  Business advisers, advocates and associations
2.  Business editors within newspapers and magazines
3.  Business professors
4.  Mayors of cities in towns throughout Vietnam
5.  National and local economic development initiatives
6.  Vietnam's best business owners
7.  Vietnam's television stations and producers
8.  Vietnam's travel agents for business owners

All of these people are being listed and linked from these pages.