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Last Update: Thursday September 23, 2021

Five Simple Ideas For Global Initiatives

How an Initiative Becomes a Movement

Work to develop these five initiatives (left column) will be documented here online so we all begin to learn what it takes to have an initiative become a global movement. These five may fail to get traction.  If so, that will be analyzed and discussed. 

Democracy and capitalism

These two key ideas  took root.

The founding fathers of the USA were reluctant subjects of the King of England.  The Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and the first ten amendments called the Bill of Rights, were based on the best of English law, yet went well beyond to institute something quite new. 

All of us, business owners and employees, should understand these concepts and not take them for granted.   More...

Yo can go to Harvard to learn more about these foundations.

Continuous Improvement and Innovation

When people begin talking about a concept and begin building upon the essential ideas, those concepts begin to evolve. The concepts get better.  They improve. 

This is the simple thrust toward a higher perfection. 

That energy to make things better is deeply ingrained within our very humanity. It is the essence of creativity. It is the spirit of the future. It gives us hope and courage. Though current throughout history, it was not until the 1950's that the concept as a concept became a study and a discipline. More...

Big Board-little universe Working Articles

Students:  High School

Editor's note: "Working article" means "always in process."
• Basics: How'd they get here?
• Beginnings: Did a Quiet Expansion precede a Big Bang?
• Ethics-Morals-Values: Is there an inherent Goodness
   within Science, Business, and Religion?

• Finite or Infinite: Is That The Question?   Part II
• Paradigm Shift: Most-simple, integrated UniverseView
• Planck: Length-Time Chart     All Five Basic Units Chart
• Simplicity: Everything Starts Most Simply... 
• Tiling and Tessellating the Universe
• Who, What, When, Where and Why:
  What's happening here?

1. A simple challenge. For all scientists, theologians, philosophers and otherwise thinking people, define the simplest, yet most comprehensive and consistent first principles of life and for business. This is our modest attempt.

2. Learn geography by the 24 Time Zones without Universal Time Coordinates.
Currently time zones around the world are expressed as an offset from UTC.   Of course, we should continue to use UTC to set and know the exact time within each country and principal cities, but why not simplify the designation of time zones so they are known as 1 to 24. It would help  schoolchildren and the business world learn geography and a little more about the unusual settings for local time
. By referring to each time zone as their hour in the day, 1 through 24,  more global thinking could be facilitated.  More

Notes and referencesWikipedia's list of Time Zones by UTC offset.  It opens in a new window.

3. Designate no less than ninety GPS locations as World Heritage sites.
Today, each location is undeveloped but has deep imputed meaning that can give the host nations and the world unique opportunities to explore and discover the meaning of numbers and the very nature of the quantitative-qualitative divide
. More...

4. Ecology Mountains: Garbage-to-Methane, Natural Bridges Over Highways.
Three simple facts face every nation: (1) Garbage disposal, (2) energy creation and conservation, (3) highways that cut off the natural migratory paths of wild animals.  More...

5. These simple under-acknowledged facts open new worlds for exploration.
New insights become new knowledge. There is so much more to be discovered. Science is young. Technology is younger. There is no good reason for arrogance, elitism, or narcissism. The world's too small and we're all still quite naive.

We all climb eight steps to start, run and grow a business

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