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Last Update: Thursday July 29, 2021

Dreams come alive as a living reality. Listen to your dreams.

Small business is about courage...

0:40 | Play Now | The opening words of every episode of the show, Hattie says, "Small business is about courage, risk-taking, independence, and we small business owners are survivors. Everybody has an idea for a business, but how do you take that idea from mind to market? This is the place to learn."   Hattie live...

Go to the closing of every episode of the show where these first principles, the very foundations of every episode, continue to unfold.

In the USA, it's called the American Dream.

It is reaching for one's greatest possible achievement, becoming successful, and doing it with integrity and a good spirit, then often discovering the power of generosity. It is being the doer, the giver and not the taker. Click on the words, American Dream. Follow BruceCamber on Twitter

An abiding American dream is to build a business around one's passion.  Just do it.

Keep Dreaming

3:21 | Play Now   Enrique, Jose and Angel Souto, the owners of Cafe Pilon, keep dreaming about a better future.  They want to keep growing and someday sell coffee in a free Cuba.

Follow your dreams

4:34 | Play Now   From an episode of Small Business Today, we discover a high-end woman's dress shop which is named after the founder, Yvonne La Fleur.  Yvonne has us consider six key ideas.


Fund The Dreams Of Others

2:42 | Play Now   People ask, "Why should I fund the dreams of others?"  People like Remigius Shatas ask,  "Why not?"  For him,  it extends his life-long work.  Meet Remigius as he shares his wisdom.


Sell A Dream

2:37 | Play Now Jeff Patterson is in the dream-building business, turning house plans sketched on a paper napkin into a reality.

Live, Breathe, Eat, Sleep Your Work

3:04 | Play Now Ken Done wakes up in the night with ideas he can't wait to try.  He even paints on his dining room table.  More...

Give Your Ideas Away

1:34 | Play Now   Give your ideas away to those who will extend them.     More...    Here are a few very big ideas...

Best Business Practices: Videos from this television show

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