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Vietnam: An Invitation and Request for a Price Quote

A few more thoughts for a very rough script

This video is to be just a five minute piece:  It is to demonstrate a working principle. It will become part of a 24-hour show, a  New Year’s Eve special that will be broadcast worldwide for all 24-hours going time zone-by- time zone, where we see the very best of every one of the 195 nations and about 20 regions on our little planet.  

Style.  Shoot very tight on the subjects.  Change angles within every four minutes of shooting the rough.  Most of the time their face will be covered with B-roll.  We will hear their voice and see the translation if their English is not very good..

Not to impinge on your creativity, here is a possible scenario:---

  • 5 seconds:  National anthem faintly playing and a “Google Earth” type of descent over Vietnam and into HCMC, and into the “hotspot.” 

  • 10 seconds:  Beautiful bar, beautiful people, everybody is glancing at the clock.  It is theoretically Tet duong lich (music fades) 

  • 1 minute:  The restaurant-bar owner, says, “We are very lucky.  People tell me that this is the No. 1 place to come for Tet duong lich.   These people are drinking XYZ which is the drink of the evening.”  . (tight on the prettiest people drinking)  (Get the recipe for that drink please)  

    The chef continues, “Realize that we have two New Years.  This is one is the calendar’s beginning of the new year.  It is a national holiday, but we bigger celebration is later in the month.  That one is called Tet Nguyen Ðán or just Tet.” (Establish the differences between the two visually as well.  He could be walking into the kitchen where he shows us the two days on a calendar.  Please “white out” or cover the year.  

    “Here we are in our kitchen and on New Year’s a typical dish that we eat is …XYZ.  It is so delicious. 

    "Now when I started this restaurant in (year)… (and end with something like this) and now the government is encouraging private business. 

  • One minute:  President or Prime Minister’s message (Very short) 

  • 1:30 minute:  Travel minister or tour operator CEO:  “There are over (X-Number)  travel companies in Vietnam.  Most are privately owned.  There are sensational places in Vietnam to visit…. 

  • 15 seconds:  Lift off the picture and have all the people at the bar say, “Come visit us!” as they wave good-bye… and/or if you can get it,  the clock strikes Midnight and everybody says, “Happy New Year with fireworks going off in the background.  ….

A five-minute piece from 195 countries and 33 regions.  Again, this piece is part of a 24 hour broadcast, time zone by time zone, going around the world seeing how each country celebrates New Year’s Eve.  These videos will account for about  1160 minutes; studio time will account. for another five minutes per hour and advertising will be  be no less than five minutes per hour.

Bonus.  You will be competing with about 230 other producers.  The best five-minute video will be given a very special (we think quite large) monetary bonus.  The viewers will decide online which segment they liked  the best.

For even more, go to

Request for a quote for a 5-minute production:  A five-minute piece about New Years Eve in Vietnam.  Content suggestions follow.

Introduction:  This effort goes well beyond  the sixteen-year, weekly, half-hour television series called Small Business School. These pieces will air on commercial television throughout the world within a program that is titled, The Best Businesses of Vietnam,  which will be part of a global series, The Best Businesses of the World.

BroadcastingThis old show aired on educational television in the USA (PBS-TV) and on VOA-TV around the world.

The new show will air on commercial stations around the world.  It will be driven by advertising and it will be carried by a primary station in each nation such as CCTV in China, Fox in the USA, .

In some instances it will be carried by the government station and it will follow their rules and regulations.

The focus has always been on best business practices. Every business owner has been recommended by their local business advocates, often the local Chamber of Commerce, and confirmed by their national trade association for their leadership, generosity of spirit, ethics, and courage.   Nobody can pay or has ever paid to be on this show.    IBM, AT&T, Microsoft, and many others sponsored the show.

Delivery Requirement:  As soon as possible within the New Year, 2011.

Possible Content:
1.  People in the best spot and the interview of the owner of that restaurant, bar or nightclub:
a.   When did he/she start the business?  What was the inspiration?  What is your dream for the new year?
b. Beautiful scenes – all b-roll from – from around the area that works with the owners statements
c.  Please edit the five minutes with 10-15 seconds of ambient sound at the beginning and end…
d.   People nodding and smiling and looking at the clock.  The clock must show any time between 11 PM and 12 PM.
2.   A one-to-two minute greeting to the world by the President or  Prime Minister  of the country
3.  Ten second  scenes, all title by name and location including GPS coordinates of the most beautiful places in the country
4.  The Minister of Tourism can narrate that or even one of the CEOs of a top travel agency in the country.
Use of Materials from Prior Work and Productions.  If you have 100% clearance – meaning you own all rights – for a piece that you have done in the past, please give us access online and we could buy it.

An overview of local productions

Let me provide a background on this development.

  1. We will know the best producers in Vietnam.  This job is our introduction to find those independents producers throughout country.
  2. It is the beginning of a very large project.  This is not a one-off.  In fact, we expect that there will be so much work that we will need to encourage producers to work with each other to get things done cost-effectively.
  3. The work will involve partner station(s).   This production will become a weekly half-hour show in Vietnam, then it will go to a daily, then it will be opened to the world and become a 24-hour, 365 day business channel.  
  4. We will work with the best travel agencies throughout the country.  They also know the best locations and special events.   They will also be opening travel to the USA for Vietnamese business people to expand their imports and exports.
  5. A list of about 3000 excellent businesses in Vietnam.  These companies will be identified by local business advocates within the country, including the highest-level government leaders  to the local village mayors.  It will also include the business editors and business professors.  And, it will include people who coach, mentor, and help business to grow.  The businesses that are recommended will be among the most ethical, the most generous, and the most successful in nation.  
  6. We will be doing stories about all of them!  Those stories will start out as 1-to-5 minute answers to important business questions.  Their answers are always unique.  Those segments will ultimately be done by a professional like yourself, yet, each may start as a webcam answer.   Once they have over 40-minutes worth of answers, and they have been further validated on the web, that story will be assigned  to an independent producer to create a 26 minutes and 46 seconds piece.  A toolkit  with the openings and closings, music, bumpers, and style sheet will all be included.
  7. Many other people will be involved. Now, among the people whom I am copying on this note are our US Embassy folks. They are most interested in seeing trade between Vietnam and the USA.  These programs will be encouraging trade.
  8. Our “feet on the street” in Vietnam.   You will also see the name of three Vietnamese professional women who are our working with us.  Eventually they will each become Executive Producers.  If you have questions, you can write to them or call them. They will also be working as our intermediary with your government, our consulate, the partner stations, and all of the independent producers.