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Last Update: Tuesday June 15, 2021

The first challenge for all of us is to create a job for ourselves

Work through these steps; it's free.

Step 1 - The Initial Idea

Overview Orientation

You can easily say to yourself, "I have a dream."

You are able to say to somebody close to you:  "I have an idea for a business.   And, I have motivation. I know I want to be in business for myself."  You may be dreaming, but you are now determined to find out.

Step 2 - Start-up

Overview Orientation

You are doing it.  You are making it official: You are a "start-up" once you freely and easily say to others, "I'm starting my business!" When you let everybody else know about it  -- although it only amounts to your second step  --  you are taking a flying leap!  You are developing a business.

Step 3 - Incubating your business

Overview Orientation

»  You made your first sale!
»  You have a name for your business.
»  You have projections, goals and a timeline.
»  You have a few advisers.
»  You are doing product development.

You enter this phase saying, "I am ready, willing, and able to sell!" You have successfully sold your first product or service to some other company or a person outside your family and circle of friends.

Step 4 - "I am on my own!"

Overview Orientation

You are now a sole proprietor. You have taken another Flying Leap! You are on your own!

Most of us who own a small business are driven by freedom, by choice, by ownership.

In 2009 there were "only" 11.1 million people unemployedIf at that time all of them were offered loans from $10K to $30K to start the business of their dreams, and if each had as many as five of our federal employees to rally around them, those new businesses might have gotten traction and become successful.  More...

That's what we advocated in a letter to the President.  It was signed by over 150 small business owners and advocates. Even if 50% of the unemployed took out that very-low-cost loan of $30,000, we would have only loaned  $150 billion dollars and the unemployment would have dropped under 6%  More...

We would have been teaching the world about the power of small business.
There are millions of unemployed people.  Everyone out of work could engage people around the world to buy the goods made in the USA that they love and enjoy.  More...

Take some advice from those who have successfully done it!

Recruit Your Family

1:10 | Play Now | Wally Snyder took over the day to day parenting duties even though he is also responsible for the physical plant of their company.  More...   Seven more stories

Prepare Yourself

2:10 | Play Now | Pamela Rodgers knew that selling herself meant she had to be as smart about people as she was about the business.  More...

Try An Incubator

3:24 | Play Now | Host Hattie Bryant discovers that entrepreneurs energize each other at a business incubator.  More...

Every adult American has had an idea for a business

Do Several Reality Checks

If you are going to do it: (1) Watch all these videos! You will not have to register.  (2) Register for free; you will have seven days to watch over 100 videos focused on starting.  (3) Then, do this Reality Check!

A weekly, half-hour show on most PBS stations throughout the USA

Literally on 1000s of stations worldwide through the Voice of America-TV,
all are on-location, insights from small business owners selected by their community.
We learn about the power of business and how values motivate them. More...

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