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Be The Best Person You Can Be Today And Every Day

Find a Big Problem to Solve

Huntsville, Alabama: Huntsville has become a hotbed for technology startups and there are dozens of people quietly investing in hundreds of businesses, providing everything from start-up capital to mezzanine funding. They are often called angel investors.

Remigius Shatas says, "My goal for Huntsville is that it becomes the most generous city in America." He wants everybody to invest in the good ideas of others!

You can stand out.   Be somebody special.   Here are three ways:

1. First, be ethical.   Be transparent.   Have integrity. Here's a simple guide.

2. Do a lot with a little. Affirm that it's OK to live modestly, graciously and generously. Long ago a  pejorative comment was, "You're trying to keep up with the Jones." But then people flew right by them and Bill Gates became the new standard. "Nothing less will do" yet just the opposite is true.  Conspicuous consumption is out.

3.  Let's dig deeper into our understanding of things. No more shallow living.  We can understand the inside of business and the inside of ourselves.   Make this time a new beginning. Be part of a business revolution based on loving one another.

Deborah St. Claire
Step 1: Dreaming

Step 2: Starting

Step 3: Selling
Miles Corbett, Transition Associates, Westerham, England
Step 4: Growing
Meet Joe Kruetz, founder, County Commerce Bank, Ventura, California
Step 5: Employing
Nancy & Eric, Goshow Architects, NYC
Step 6: Scaling

Step 7: Sustaining

Step 8: Exiting

Every video has aired on PBS stations throughout the USA and on thousands of stations around the world via the Voice of America.

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