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Watch out. Be on your guard against all kinds of greed.

Develop Multiple Revenue Streams

Austin, Texas: A New York deli in Texas... now that's a concept! Meet the man who believes corned beef is a food group of its own and whose mission has brought more than great eating to the music scene on 6th Street at Rio Grande.
Known around town as the unofficial Mayor of Austin, fifth generation kosher butcher Marc Katz, brought his family recipes from New York City and says his deli in Austin serves the best sandwich west of the Hudson River.  Marc tells us that he copies the best practices of the companies he admires and this led him to the insight, "You only get to keep what you give away."
Learn how this one-man-marketing band rings up millions in revenues from one location that brims with excitement. He has declared  "...fat is back" and added a milkshake to his menu that he calls "a heart attack in a glass." He warns, "You should not operate a vehicle under the influence of this milkshake."

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A person's life does not consist in the abundance of one's possessions.

On one side there are the greedy, the liars and cheaters and thieves. They think only of themselves.  On the other side of us are folks who want to do everything for us.  They want to be in control.   Both sell us short. Caught in the middle are the masses, the great majority who try to define a way, get on our path, do one's calling, live with integrity, and do what is right for our family, community, nation and our world.

Have our leaders and the media sold us short?   Thomas Jefferson thinks so.

Study the business habits of good people and good businesses We've tried. That's the weekly show since 1994. Click on one of the photos below. Meet men and women with real stories about businesses with real values and vision for a better world. Every image goes to a video. Every video answers a key business question.     More....

Understand the basics of morality: This television show has a rather simple starting point and a vision that seeks to understand the foundations of integrity.

Participate in the building of democracy and capitalism.  We all have to teach the essentials of democracy and capitalism.  Here the best, tightest offering is an episode with Michael Novak.  You can watch this episode, key idea by key idea, right here.

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