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Last Update: Monday January 18, 2021

Private Business Channel (PBC)

Main Street is the heart and soul

Most equity investors avoid Main Street, but that's about to change.

USA: The web makes so many new things possible, including new models for equity investments on Main Street. The best small businesses are being identified and part of the private equity investment market (about a trillion dollars/year) is looking to help you expand globally, to help you bring new products to market, to help you develop an exit strategy and liquidity model, and to help you hire key people to take your business to the next level.

Most of us are uncomfortable with the level of transparency required to get equity capital. And, we're usually not happy with the percentage of our ownership given up for the amount of capital raised.

The times have changed.

First, all business is increasingly transparent (opened to easy scrutiny) because of the Internet. But more importantly, it is good to be open. In so many episodes of the show, owners talk about the power of openness. So as a first step in this direction, we invite you to become part of a small business index. Small Business School and the Private Business Channel are working with Entrex (Morningstar-Bloomberg-Reuters-Thomson Financial) to provide the markets with a weekly financial report on the dynamics within small business. You are invited to participate.

And second, your intangibles are valued, you get liquidity, you can harvest, you'll implement a succession plan, and your business can go on without you. That's worth a few percentage points.

Private Business Channel (PBC) was created to provide exposure for good businesses that are clearly on the path to sustainability and whose owners are open to investment capital from the private equity markets. 

Private Business Channel is first and foremost a television production company to provide the highest quality news releases to Fox Business News, MSNBC, CNBC, CNN and to the cable stations.  PBC follows a long legacy of weekly, half-hour  television productions.  In 1994 the principals of PBC began a weekly, half-hour show, SmallBusinessSchool (SBS) that airs primarily on  PBS-member stations and around the world on Voice of America (only weekdays).  Bruce Camber and Hattie Bryant are the principals of both PBC and  SBS.  You can  actually watch the weekly show online.  All other episodes stream on the web as well.  Each day's broadcasts times are dynamically posted.

Private Business Channel focuses on short interviews of at least 1000 business owners per year.  We are exploring business models that could open the process up to as many as 40,000 extraordinary businesses throughout the USA and even more throughout the world each year. 

These are all very special privately-held companies.

First, each of these business owners are open to the possibility of opening their business to equity partners. Second, most of these people have at least begun the process of exploring the Entrex model to obtain equity capital.   And third, most are defining an exit strategy --  a liquidity and succession model.  They know that the business they started should be sustained  beyond their lifetime. It should  become an ongoing asset within their industry and for their community.  

Most of these productions will be done in our studio in Dallas. The interviews will first be circulated via the web to the 500,000+ private equity investors in the USA, and then the best of these interviews will be expanded within a new television series.

Our legacy.  Some people ask, "What is happening to Small Business School?" It will continue.  This show is a documentary-style program.  Historically an episode of Small Business School required two-to-three days of shooting and a week of editing.  As a result, over the years only about 300 outstanding small business owners have been interviewed.   Today, these productions are being turned over to the local PBS-member stations and each station is being challenged to do 13 new episodes per year.  Initially ten stations will be engaged.  The goal is to have 100 within the PBS family resulting in 1300 new episodes per year from which 52 will go out on the national feed to all PBS-member stations.  The focus of these episodes is to lift up the best possible role models, today's pioneers and quiet heroes.  (More)

Bruce Camber & Hattie Bryant will continue to be involved.  Bruce will focus with the transition plans for Small Business School  and with the unfolding of a Private Business Index and Hattie will  focus on the ongoing interviews for Private Business Channel.    (More)