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Inside the heart of customer service

Over 160 videos about customer service

With each video is a transcript and case study guide.  These guides and videos are often found in the best-selling textbooks for college business classes and for the MBA programs within business schools.

Serve The Underserved

4:17 | Play Now Paul and Vicki determined before they bought an existing business that they had to change their product to avoid head-to-head competition with the big guys.

Find a Deep Spiritual Connection

0:50 | Play Now Marc Katz dresses the part of a successful businessman out of respect to his customers, his employees and his profession.

Make Your Word As Good As Gold

3:29 | Play Now Your reputation is your greatest asset. It is not surprising that Enrique said the most important lesson he learned from his father is that, "Your word is your bond." This video clip begins with a little lesson for making espresso coffee! Homepage...

Give Customers More Than They Expect

1:45 | Play Now From the beginning, Debra added a service to her very simple product.  Homepage...

Reward Your Best Customers

2:30 | Play Now John Wargo says that all customers are not equal and your best ones deserve to be coddled.  Homepage...

Treat Others Like You Want To Be Treated

3:26 | Play Now These men watched their father and uncle fight and fume so they knew how not to treat each other as they stepped in to lead the company to profits. These owners practice the golden rule.  Homepage...

Make Service Your Backbone

1:44 | Play Now Host Hattie Bryant distills the truth about Rodgers Chevrolet: great service cements the relationship that begins with the sale.  More

Counsel Don't Sell

2:16 | Play Now  Brenda Woodruff, business manager at Rodgers Chevrolet, says advising is primary to the customer relationship. More

Measure Customer And Employee Satisfaction

3:13 | Play Now The people part of every business has two components:  there are customers and there are employees. Knowing how all of these people feel is critical to your success.  Homepage...

Know Your Customers

2:41 | Play Now For Chef   Michael Gagné, there is no substitute for 100 percent homemade food and regular communications with customers he knows personally. In April 2008 Chef Gagné was named "2008 Chef of the Year" by Maine Restaurant Association.  Homepage...

Reed Pigman, Texas Jet

Lead with Service 

Meet Reed Pigman, Texas Jet, Fort Worth, TX: ...voted one of the top 10 independent FBOs in the USA    More...
Key Idea: Lead With Service
Key Question: How do I keep customers coming back?

There are over 160 videos about customer service.