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Last Update: Saturday September 25, 2021

Meet Pam McNair. She has lived the American Dream.

Make People More Important Than Cash

4:37 | Play Now   Founder Pam McNair learned early that people are more important than cash.

Tucson, Arizona: Meet Pam McNair-Wingate, founder, Gadabout SalonSpas.  She virtually created a new industry -- day spas --  and she has begun the process of transforming an old industry -- the beauty salon. 

She wasn't always the visionary and pioneer.  But things changed when she was left with two young mouths to feed and she had never worked outside the home!  She took her instincts for nurturing and brought them into the workplace. 

Today, with six locations around Tucson,  she and her team of over 200 professionals deliver the newest treatments from their spas and the freshest looks from their salons.  The company, Gadabout SalonSpas, is recognized as a leader in the day spa movement both in customer care and in business practices.

In the typical spas customers check in for a week to be pampered, to eat low-fat diets, and to participate in endless exercise classes. Day spas are different! Here you'll find only the pampering part. 

Pam has been a leader in this revolution from its beginning and she is helping to transform the salon business by setting an example for all. In recognition of her extraordinary leadership skills, Pam was named Salon Entrepreneur of the Year for the US at the Global Salon Business Awards presented in London.

Making your dreams a reality takes tenacity and courage.  More on The American Dream.

Treat People With Deep Respect

2:16 | Play Now |   Pam McNair knows that people are the raw materials you must commit to working with, day in and day out, if you want to grow a company.     More...

Think Hard About What People Need

2:16 | Play Now |   For founder Pam McNair, employees are family and making--and admitting--mistakes is the basis for building trust.

Do it Differently

0:54 | Play Now |   Pam's turned the table on the industry standard with a focus on regular training and education geared toward the employee's success.

Teach Communication Skills

1:09 | Play Now |   Pam understands that communication is the oil in the service machine and gives her employees tools to keep interpersonal communications running smoothly.

Inspire Employees To Learn

2:47 | Play Now |   Gadabout sets high expectations but helps employees achieve them through expert training and state-of-the-art facilities.

Put Controls in Place

2:27 | Play Now |   R.J.  Duffy is the CFO at Gadabout and she implements the financial policies that support a strict by-the-book management philosophy.

Set Your Ego Aside

3:09 | Play Now |   Pam McNair's philosophy is to treat her employees as she wants them to treat the customer.

Be Minister, Social Worker & Therapist

1:15 | Play Now |   Host Hattie Bryant heard employee after employee at Gadabout speak to the tremendous impact Pam McNair has had on their lives.

Delegate With Design

2:46 | Play Now |   Like a true artist, owner Pam McNair said you must delegate with design. 

Stay Connected

1:08 | Play Now | Gababout established a Web presence early on, affording visitors to the site a sense of spa experience as a well as the ability to view services, book appointments and puchase gift certificates online.