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The Global Positioning System (GPS) and GPS Coordinates Change How We See This World


The burnt orange line is the 60th parallel.  The majority of it is over Russian land and territory. Canada has the next largest tract of land, mostly wilderness, along the 60th parallel.   It is only heavily-populated in the areas of St. Petersburg, Helsinki and Oslo. Anchorage, Alaska is just north of the 60th. At the southern-most tip of Greenland, there are remote lands that include the 60th parallel. The orange line below it is the actual flight path that Hattie and bruce took in 2007.   This entire discovery process began with the story of the 60/60.

Key letters and pages about the importance of these GPS listings

•  Saturday, March 15, 2014:   An Open letter to Vladimir Putin Regarding The Key Russia GPS Locations

•  Thursday, May 27, 2010: Discovering 90 such simple quadrants. To sell an idea requires work.  To sell a really big idea, requires a bit more work.  These pages provide access to visuals within Wikipedia, Google, The Confluence Project, and Panoramio.   More...

Thursday, April 15, 2010 The most simple GPS positions.  Single numbers and all zeroes have a special elegance.  Begin a study of those numbers.  More...

Sunday, November 8, 2009Learning Global Time Quadrants (GTQ)  More....

Thursday, March 26, 2009An Introduction and a look at the 60/60.  Not quite two years after chasing the 60th parallel, this page was posted on the web. 

On July 20, 2007, for his 60th birthday, Hattie Bryant had quite a surprise for her husband, Bruce Camber, the executive producer for Small Business School.  They departed from Dallas to go around the world as close as possible to the 60th parallel.  Though the 60/60 was considered, today it is an undeveloped rough parcel of property.  So, our first stop, Tokyo, is between the 35th and 36th parallels.  Next stop, Beijing, is on the 40th.  Even Ulaanbaater, capital of Mongolia is below the 60th.  The very first stop on the 60th was St. Petersburg in Russia, then Helsinki in Finland, Oslo in Norway, and finally Iceland above the 60th.

Looking for Entrepreneurs for the following:

1.  A GPS Book of Significant Locations?

Please somebody get busy and publish a tour book based on significant GPS coordinates.  You'll get everybody traveling to unusual places.   More..

2.  Tours to GPS Locations on Significant Days

Let's wake up the airline and tourism industries. Wouldn't it be fascinating to end up in a place 6060 for your 60th birthday and meet people from around the world who are 60 as well.  Can't you sense some magic happening with that mix of people?  ...all the seminars on longevity?  ...on health and wellness?  ...on the meaning and value of life.  More..

3.  Architects and city planners

What would a perfect city look like where the GPS quadrant was the center of the town? What would be the first tier of properties around that location within the first minute and seconds from the centerpoint?   More..