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Last Update: Saturday September 25, 2021

40.00.00N 40.00.00E in the eastern region of Turkey

Significant places nearby

40/40  is on the boundary of Eastern Anatolian and the Black Sea Regions.  The actual area where the 40.00.00N latitude intersects with 40.00.00E longitude is up in the hills beyond both Otlukbeli and Agamçagam in a rather barren area.  Yet, just from this pictures within Panoramio, we know it is surrounded with a rich history and fascinating towns and cities.  In Turkey there are also simple GPS locations at 39/39 near Payamdüzü, Tunceli, 38/38 near Resadiye, Malatya,    37/37 near Çinar, Kilis,  and 36/36 near Hatay on the coast looking toward Cyprus.

One of the closest, larger airports to 40/40:

39° 42' 58.53" N 39° 30' 47.40" E  Erzincan Havaalani provides air service to Ankara and Istanbul and beyond.

Who would come...

Small business owners and professionals with some discretionary cash who are celebrating their 40th birthday and they want to be able to tell an incr4edible story. Some may want to meet women who are celebrating their 40th birthday who are also quite adventuresome.

How many 40 year-old people in the world today?  Our estimates are based on the fact that more than 18 million people celebrate their birthday every day of the year (18 million times 365 days = 6.570 billion people).  Then we further estimated that there are about 80 million 40 year-old people who would celebrate their birthday within this year.    On an average day that would be about 220,000 celebrating their birthday.  The goal of this GPS city, 40/40, would be to get .1% of that population or about 220 people to visit on a given day.   Because most would visit for several days, there would be a tourist invasion approaching 1000 buyers per day. 

Then it explodes from there.

If this GPS city is planned in surprising and creative ways, it can grow exponentially and create a living theme park feeling quite unlike anything Disney World could ever do. 

A Closer Look

If some of these GPS locations -- there are around 90 -- were to come alive, it could change the world. Numbers could take on deeper meanings. Here's more analysis: 

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Click on either picture to see more photographs of the area by ceyhunkaya and others.