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Last Update: Sunday September 23, 2018

The Billionaires' Millionaires

Gain Access to Billion-Dollar Ideas

USA & THE WORLD : Since about 2001, we have been suggesting that there are many undeveloped billion-dollar ideas. You'll have to do some work, perhaps even change the way you see yourself and the world, to get started.

Review basic structures: Most of us do not go much beyond plane geometry in the 9th or 10th grade.

That's OK because you can easily pick it back up.

Start with the simplest three-dimensional object, a tetrahedron, four sides, all equal triangles. Now the very simple question (that few people know the answer) is: "What objects perfectly fill the inside?" The answer to this question about the most basic structure on earth opens an interior world. It is, of course, pure form, but there are many simple examples, a reduction to practice, within the tetrahedral - octahedral - tetrahedral (TOT) configuration.

Start doing some research! If you want to be a billionaire, you'll have to think differently. Stop watching crack TV with all its exploitive and/or self-aggrandizing content. To become a billionaire requires creating real value. Our little world must be the winner with your insights and work.

There are many billion dollar businesses within a TOT line, from basic construction techniques to biology. Here is a simple first-step for the steel industry . Should it be confirmed that the double helix is actually a TOT line in its purest form¹, biology, chemistry, genomes... so much will be impacted. Others will discover that there are even more billion-dollar businesses within the answer to that question, "What objects perfectly fill the inside of the two basic structures of the TOT line?"

Applications will be abundant. The construction industry is largely visual; the subtleties become apparent as one goes smaller or deeper within. There are wide ranges of applications within physics, technology, chemistry, and biology, but also within non-physical studies including psychology, philosophy and even religion. The web opens these ideas so quickly to huge populations of people, reduction to practice becomes easier and monetization faster. Huge transformations within our thinking just might occur when applied to such mundane activities as sleep and dreams.

¹James Watson & Francis Crick, DNA Double Helix. The hexagonal plates that seesaw within a TOT line suggest a functional relation for hydrogen bonding. Applied as first principles

Basic Structure:

 Have you ever studied a point? ...a line? ...a triangle?  ...a tetrahdedron?  Most of us have not. Though a blindspot in our education, it is never too late to learn how these concepts apply to so much of life. Points, lines and triangles are the very basic building blocks of all there is.  In three-dimensions, the simplest structure is the tetrahedron. That is four triangles connected along their edges.

The first records of such studies begin with the Greeks, yet especially within Plato's Timaeus  ( circa 360 BC).

Look inside that tetrahedron;  The most simple and perfect division is to half each of the six edges.   A half-sized tetrahedron will go in each of the four corners.  What you then discover is an octahedron is in the middle. 

The simple structure of the octahedron is surprisingly busy.  To picture an octahedron, think of two pyramids.  Each has a square base.  Stick the two square bases together and you have an octahedron. Though an eight-sided figure, it is more basic than the cube.  In fact, that square base is the beginning of the cube.   

Do a remake of an old television series called The Millionaire.

If you are over 50 years old, you just might remember a half-hour television series called The Millionaire with Michael Anthony. Each week he would pick up a check from John Beresford Tipton. The show was about what happened to a person when given $1 million dollars, tax-free with no strings attached.

Today's series might work with an unknown number of actual billionaires who each year give away $1M to a person who has done something very good for another person out of the generosity of their heart.

These people are in no way expecting a reward for doing what they've done.

Creating a force that literally draws your audience to you.

Yet, here comes a day, totally unexpected, somebody knocks on their door and hands them a check. Of course, there would be no applications for this job! There would only be good people doing good things and somehow this new show finds out about it.

Most of today's billionaires, such as a Mark Cuban, may not have the time or inclination to do it – they all already have hundreds of projects of their own. But, we will propose it to as many as we can find and let you know what we discover. With their permission, perhaps we could post some of correspondence with our world's billionaires just to reflect on the enormous burdens that come with extreme wealth.

Maybe a few will do it. Then maybe we can get 100 to do it. Talk about changing the dynamics of television and our culture! Hattie says, "What gets rewarded gets done" (which puts BF Skinner's operant conditioning in a nutshell). Can't you just see people tuning in to learn what has happened to people who are given $1,000,000 because they did something good for somebody else.

This new show, let's give it a working title, The Billionaires' Millionaires, could also become a billion dollar business.

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