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Last Update: Thursday July 29, 2021

Best business practices

Say No To Some Opportunities

3:43 | Play Now | You may be tempted to take work just for the money.  Owner Ashley Postlewaite and her partner Darrell Van Citters would advise against that practice. They've built a solid business by saying no to projects that don't fit their mission.

Please Yourself

5:23 | Play Now | Founder Sue Callaway jumped on the chance to dump her white nursing uniform.

Learn To See What's Not There

1:27 | Play Now | Frank Jao envisioned a home away from home for immigrants from Viet Nam.   More...

Commit to Quality

1:54 | Play Now |  In the first segment we visit Texas Nameplate, winners of the Baldrige Quality Award.  Tnen we visit with Mike Neary of Oregon Log Home who won industry awards for quality and imagination.

Be Willing to Evolve

3:51 | Play NowSteve Hoffman's company, Modern Postcard, is the result of decades of continuous improvement.  Steve started in business as a company of one and today he has hundreds of employees and thousands of customers.   More...   More wisdom from Steve...

Take Time To Protect Your Ideas

1:34 | Play Now | Host Hattie Bryant talks about the power of the US patent system.

Learn The Difference Between Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights

3:48 | Play Now |  The Millers invented a word and logo so that it would be easy to get a trademark.

Define Your Business Model

2:01 | Play Now |  John Hawkins bought a failed business and changed its model.  More...  And more... About John...

Tap A Trend

1:29 | Play Now | Teresa Zubizarreta turned a profound understanding of the Hispanic culture into an advertising powerhouse helping other companies reach this growing market.

Offer One-of-a-Kind Products and Services

3:06 | Play Now|  This is Linda Brewer, owner of Blue Dome Gallery, located in Silver City, New Mexico, where customers are dazzled by the unexpected.

Spot A Niche

5:02 | Play Now |  Maragret Quenemoen started a company to make affordable clothing for extreme mountain, rock and ice climbers.  Her  first product line included sizes for petite women.

Every video within this website is about best business practices. These were chosen at random.  However, another good summary of best practices is within the episode about Staying Power