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Last Update: Saturday September 18, 2021

How do I keep good employees?

Be A Team Player

1:15 | Play Now Strong owners we have studied here know that the buck stops on their desks but at the same time they are able to position themselves as a key player or coach rather than "the boss."

Take Time to Teach

2:50 | Play Now | Employees learn how to give plants everything they need to thrive and in turn they can educate their customers to care for and enjoy their purchases.

Find Meaningful Ways to Reward and Recognize Employees

2:21 | Play Now |  Cindy had a jeweler design a golden chowder bowl. When an employee reaches her 10-year anniversary she receive the gold charm on a necklace.

Create an Esprit de Corps

32:36 | Play Now |  Most everyone at Modern Postcard works on a team. These are not departments or work groups. They use the sports metaphor because so many of the employees are involved in sports.

Give Employees Unlimited Connections

1:47 | Play Now |   Employees at Transition Associates can work from any where in the world.

Be A Team Player

1:54 | Play Now |   Family businesses work because of what we can't see. In the case of the Navarro's, it's heart.

Create Good Work

0:55 | Play Now |   Architects at Goshow enjoy lovely space, the tools, the jobs and the leadership they need to grow professionally.

Find Joy in Little Things

2:30 | Play Now |   Be happy and let others know that you are happy to see them.  The team at Community Insurance likes the little things that the owner does to make them feel valued.

Listen to Young Team Members

2:56 | Play Now |   The owners welcome ideas for improving their business from all employees and there is a process in place to recognize such contributions.

Be The Place Where Good People Stay

1:42 | Play Now |   The experienced team at Angell & Phelps delivers the quality they promise to customers.