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Last Update: Friday September 17, 2021

Can you start a business? Are you dreaming about it?

To start a business, take time to think

Study these key ideas. There are hundreds more.

Focus On What You Know

4:46 | Play Now | Cowgirl Enterprises shows how Donna Baase put her life experience into a 2 ounce bottle.

Buy an Unexploited Idea

0:24 | Play Now | Most inventors are not business people and most business people are not inventors.

Hattie Bryant discusses the nature of capitalism with Michael Novak

Find Solutions To Problems

2:15 | Play Now | Michael Novak says that capitalism rewards visionaries.  More with Jamian CobbettMore with Jamian Cobbett & Sohrab Vossoughi.

More questions and more answers

»   Go to over 100 videos on starting a business.

»  Fifteen videos:  How do I finance the startup?

»  Twelve videos:  How do I spot an opportunity?

If you to start a business, watch all these videos on this page.  These are all best business practices, from this television show that aired on PBS stations throughout the USA.  This is the real deal --  business owners telling the truth about what it takes to start, run and grow a business.   No baloney.  No silliness.

Here are just seven videos (of over 100) about starting a business.
Do you want to try to make it happen?  Millions have.  Now learn how....
Here are ideas from people who started and grew a great business.

Tap Into The Universal Power

3:29 | Play Now | In order of appearance meet business owners Glenn Walser, Lupe Fraga (pictured) Jose Navarro, all examples of folks who Michael Novak says that their Judeo-Christian belief systems gave rise to both scientific and business breakthroughs.

Let Your Childhood Inform You

3:10 | Play Now | Anne has a "feel for the cloth." Many say she started the "little yellow ducky" fad.  A craftsman, George Kartsotis, says that Anne's ideas have been key to his success.

Take Time To Understand Yourself

1:54 | Play Now | Teresa Zubizaretta capitalized on the fact that she was a woman in an industry that had been historically dominated by men.  She knew being a woman and a Hispanic were assets.     More...

Change An Industry

5:08 | Play Now | Kim Blickenstaff, Chairman / CEO,  has been hugely successful in spite of all  experts who told him it would be impossible -- that they had "a stupid idea."   More...

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