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Make a Perfect Product

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Bob Sakata grows some of the sweetest corn in the world.

Buy from the Best

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When you need a hog head you will want the best.

Develop a 40+ Year Vision

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As an architect, Nancy Goshow knows that some European cathedrals took hundreds of years to build and some renovations on the Great Wall of China took 200 years.

Strive for Perfection

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Henry Chin told us that Ziba Design  is good at what they do because they all strive for perfection. They push themselves and the company.

Do Research To Gain Mindshare

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Zorro appealed to the Hispanic marketplace and was very effective in selling Ford Mustangs.

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Win A SBIR Grant

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Space exploration is accomplished through the efforts of our government, some big businesses and many small businesses.

Import A Good Idea

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What does New Zealand have in common with Southern California?  Beaches and fair-skinned children.  The hat that helps kids in one part of the world turns out to help kids everywhere

Do What Works

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Yes, do what works.  Ken Done and other owners who have growing companies know what works and repeat it over and over to achieve profits through scale.

Create A Win-Win

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Nicole Miller's designs and Bud Konheim's sales skills helped  build a profitable division of a conglomerate which they "bought out"  to create their own business. Be sure to study the transcript.

Change An Industry

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Kim Blickenstaff, Chairman / CEO,  has been hugely successful in spite of all  experts who told him it would be impossible -- that they had "a stupid idea." 

Fill A Need

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You've heard, "find a need and fill it" many times. We say, "find a pain that people will pay money to relieve." This is the only way any business makes money.  Joe Dannis is deaf himself and didn't like the way he was taught to communicate so he changed the world.  He is our hero.

Be Your Market - Become a Tribe!

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The founders of Wahoo's love to surf, and they make food they love to eat.  They figured that plenty of surfers, skateboarders and snowboarders would want to eat what they make.  

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