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Last Update: Thursday September 23, 2021

Texas Jet, Where the Focus is Always on Service

Lead With Service

Fort Worth, Texas: There are no lines. No crowds. No delays. Just red carpet treatment all the way. And, it is not just for the wealthy anymore. Here at Meacham Field and in 5000 other small airports around the USA, small business owners service, sell, own, and use private jets. This is the other airport in town.

Texas Jet is a gas station for airplanes, called an FBO or Fixed-Base Operation; they provide all the ground-based services required by aircraft owners and operators.  Fortunately, owner Reed Pigman didn't use today's gas station as a model for thinking about his business.   In the picture just above,  an employee is filling a customer's tanks as there is no self-service at this FBO.  

The term, FBO, originated back after World War I to describe the first aviation businesses that developed a permanent base of operations to deliver services at airports. That name stuck. Here we open the door of private jets, charters, fractionals, and empty legs. With the help of the Internet bookings, you could easily be taking a little jet rather than drive your car.

Founder Reed Pigman says the pilots are his core customer base;  and, for many years now, these pilots voted Texas Jet to be one of the Top Ten Independent FBO's in the United States. So, out of 5,000 choices, pilots say Reed and his team are among the best. There's more. As a distributor for Phillips 66 Jet Fuel, Reed also takes the lead.

Texas Jet has also been recognized by Phillips 66 as one of a hand-full of distinguished partners among some 600 distributors. 

Change When Margins Are Low

4:04 | Play Now  You must have courage to change. Reed Pigman grew up in the family business which was a flight school and an airplane charter service. For forty years his parents worked the business. By the time he graduated from college, he knew he had to make some rather large changes.

Give Bankers Hard Assets

0:50 | Play Now   Reed Pigman's banker enjoys visiting the place he helped launch.

Turn Time Into An Asset

3:29 |  Play Now    Any highway in America at any given moment is full of people in a hurry. Time has increasingly become our most precious commodity. This trend is playing into Reed's hand. His business is increasing as fractional ownership of airplanes increases.

Ignore The Word No

2:02 |  Play Now     Refuse to take "NO" for an answer. This has been Reed's mantra. Most people who don't own their own business would look at him and say, "Why didn't you just go get a job?" 

Price It High

2:46 | Play Now   |   Excellence Pays. Reed charges more for fuel than his competitors and at the same time he sells two thirds of all the fuel purchased in his market.

Learn From Other Industries

0:44 | Play Now     Host Hattie Bryant says you can learn from Reed Pigman that it is just as hard to stay the best as it is to become the best.

Invest Yourself In Your Community

2:01 | Play Now     Everyone in Fort Worth, Texas agrees that the volunteer efforts of the business community have transformed an ordinary downtown into an exciting and completely original destination.

Give Employees Respect

5:31 | Play Now   Every strong small company builds a family atmosphere for employees.