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The King Company with David Arnold

Manufacturing should  be as  local as possible


Austin, Texas: David came from a family of people who enjoyed watches and enjoyed selling them. Even when he was a high school coach, he would sell watches on weekends. The trunk of the family car was always filled with samples. He and his wife would go just about anywhere in Texas to find a new drugstore to carry his brand of time.

What happens next is a key to every small business wanna-be's success.

First, he sharpened his focus, took the leap, and made his avocation his vocation. Then, he was always shooting for a slightly better way. His sites were set on highest levels of achievement; he named this new business, The King Company.

Next, he focused on his team. Team players. And his weight-lifting center was only a metaphor for his goal of building the strengths of each person on that team. David then focused on getting people on base. Know your stuff! And, before long, each of his people began helping others to get on base. They began scoring. They began winning. Each day. Small victories.

Remember, this is the King Company. Constantly reaching for a higher perfection, they looked at efficiencies. And, here is where the paperless trail opens up. These folks were always early adopters of technology. Why? Because the efficiencies made it possible for more people to get on base, to be moved around, and to score.

This is the story of business. No great secrets, just an unfailing, unwavering dedication to getting better. Constantly.

Now the story gets better for David and his customers. Not only was the operation smooth, winning against the competition, it was so good, his primary supplier wanted to buy into this business.

This is one of the liquidity models we need to know.

Test the Waters

2:22 | Play Now Somehow David fell in love with watches.  Lucky for him that he found the right product from a vendor that was looking for the right American distribution system.

Do Small Things Well

2:50 | Play Now David Arnold has never tried to hit a home run. He simply wants to advance himself slowly and carefully around the bases and is happy if it takes time to score.

Give Customers Exactly What They Want

1:47 | Play Now Happy customers keep coming back.

Keep Your Technology Current

2:23 | Play Now Distribution of thousands of small products everyday depends upon perfect systems.

Track Sales by the Minute

2:55 | Play Now Champions in every field will tell you that they measure their efforts often.  The more you measure the better chance you have to improve.

Have Fun with Employees

3:23 | Play Now The owner and other leaders enjoy basketball and weight lifting right in the warehouse.   Employees laugh as the owner tries but fails to out lift them.

Be Patient

1:16 | Play Now Host Hattie Bryant say that David's secret to success was to take his time to do things right.

Find the Right Vendor

4:18 | Play Now< Language is no longer a barrier to trade or to building the right relationships.

Enjoy the Hard Parts

2:59 | Play Now

David Arnold expects things to go wrong and believes it is his job to deal with the difficult problems.