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Last Update: Monday July 26, 2021

Ken Done Gallery, Sydney - Leverage Art

Business is the most creative act of all.

- Ken Done

3:35 | Play Now |  Yes, do what works.  Ken Done and other owners who have growing companies know what works and repeat it over and over to achieve profits through scale.

Sydney: In the opening video of this episode, Ken Done tells us to do what works. The owners of growing companies focus to find out what works and then they repeat it over and over to achieve profits through scale.

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Ken Done has become one of Australia's most  beloved and respected artists with his own world-class following. We all struggle to master our talents and apply these talents in a meaningful way. That's life. And, that is how the best among us also define our work.

Meet a man who spent eighteen years mastering his craft and learning business skills. Then, he broke away to go down his own path.  Almost unwittingly he started a business through which he learned how to leverage his art in creative ways.

This business is a family businesses.

You meet Ken Done, his wife, Judy, and their daughter and son. Ken was never a starving artist yet he certainly paid his dues. With over 150 others working within this family enterprise, they make art affordable, often wearable and  even whimsical.

Today you meet an artist who like so many others follows his own heart. He paid a price. In the earlier days the art critics were not gentle on this man and his work. But Ken Done stood firm within his vision, he persevered, and today even his critics are giving him his due.

Establish A Dialog With Your Customers

2:06 | Play Now   Ken Done admits that his products are not finished until the customer interacts with them. This is a perfect way for all of us to think.

Sell Beauty

3:17 | Play Now   Ken Done proves that people will pay plenty for products that make them feel good.

Put Your Creativity On A Schedule

3:21 | Play Now
  People who are excellent at what they do make it look easy.  Ken Done does.  Though critics are critical, the buying public has lifted him up as one of the finest artists in the world today.

Multiply The Use Of A Singular Effort

1:09 | Play Now   Ken and Judy Done demonstrate that profits increase as efficiency increases.

Demand Happiness From Employees

1:09 | Play Now   Ken and Judy love coming to work and they expect everyone around them to want to be there, too.  Ken is great at initiating his encounters with a smile and that sets the tone.

Sign Contracts Only With Those Who Don't Need One

3:22 | Play Now   Ken Done clearly believes in doing business with the decision maker.  He would rather have the lawyers stay home. 

Make A Spiritual Connection

1:18 | Play Now   Host Hattie Bryant points out that Ken Done believes his customers buy pleasure. If they pay a great deal of money for a large original painting, they must derive a large amount of pleasure from the purchase!

Price It Right

2:02 | Play Now   Marketing 101. Ken Done cut his teeth on big ad agency work where he learned quickly from his agency colleagues that marketing is about product, price, place and promotion.

Live, Breathe, Eat, Sleep Your Work

3:04 | Play Now   Ken Done wakes up in the night with ideas he can't wait to try.  He even paints on his dining room table.