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What does it take to start, run, grow and harvest a business?

Over 280 videos about motivation

Tampa: Jimmy Fand is from Venezula. He says, "Educate yourself" He is the perfect example of a new American who understands what a person can do with their life in this country.

In the left column there are links to just a few of the 280+ videos about motivation. Here is a listing of all of them.

The United States of America is a beacon for hope, faith, love, and charity.

The Pilgrims and wave after wave of immigrants came to the land which was to become the United States of America because they were in search of freedom --  freedom to do, freedom to build, freedom to grow, freedom to think. 

Now, there have been waves of immigrants who came with other motivations.  A few actually came to conceive a child to be their anchor and they had an eye just on all the benefits of being a citizen of the USA. 

That is changing because our motivations for living are now rapidly changing. Virtually everybody on the globe is watching this great debate in the USA which amounts to a discussion, "What is the meaning and value of life?  Who am I?  Where an I going?  Am I a giver or a taker?  Do I create value or am I a drain on values?" More...

Answer: Freedom-liberty, imagination, motivation, vision.... Can you make it happen?

Prepare Yourself

2:10 | Play Now   Pamela Rodgers knew that selling herself meant she had to be as smart about people as she was about the business.

Find The Right Idea

2:53 | Play Now Entrepreneurs Brian Kissel and Venkat Krishnamurthy took us to the Stanford Engineering Venture Fund Laboratories to see their invention.

Import A Good Idea

3:16 | Play Now   What does New Zealand have in common with Southern California?  Beaches and fair-skinned children.  The hat that helps kids in one part of the world turns out to help kids everywhere.

Put Your Values in Writing

2:03 | Play Now   Dave Young keeps everyone focused with a set of basic principles that are posted in the lobby for all to see. With Jodi Johnson, they attract great people who are building this company fast.       More...

Jim Schell of Bend, Oregon

Communicate Your Vision

2:51 | Play Now   Veteran entrepreneur Jim Schell says you need  vision and a mission statement.  Here is more wisdom from Jim:     Understand your financialsOn selling the business, and  Opportunity Knocks.


Understand Your Numbers

2:16 | Play Now   Every employee is an owner at Hot Dog On A Stick everyone understands key ratios.

Give Employees Key Indicator Responsibilities

3:06 | Play Now   Jim Schell recommends sharing financial tracking responsibilities for reports identified in "the little green book" with employees.  

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