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How do I keep customers coming back?

Georgetown, Maine: Chef Michael Gagné knows the answer. He knows his customers.

In this episode of the show, you meet people who see the world as their marketplace. They see beyond the horizon; they know no boundaries and no borders; the world's people are their family.

Michael is one of eleven business owners who you meet in this episode.  They all would rather live in Maine than anywhere else in the world. Seasoned travelers, after touring the world, they each decide to stay in Maine and make it their home and build their legacy.

Every person in this episode is committed to their community. They are active in their local Chamber and they are driven to make their community and our world a better place.  
And, we could go to every village, city and town in the world and find others just like these people..  
These are the quiet heroes. Many are new pioneers. They charter new waters and break new grounds. They all create unique products and services and sell them around the world. They are volunteers, the value creators, the movers, the shakers, the doers, and the lovers of life. We can learn a lot from these hardworking, decent folks.

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Import A Good Idea

3:16 | Play Now     What does New Zealand have in common with Southern California? Beaches and fair-skinned children. The hat that helps kids in one part of the world turns out to help kids everywhere.

Go After Big Customers

1:12 | Play Now     On Target has as its customers the biggest and most prestigious companies in Dallas.

Counsel Don't Sell

2:16 | Play Now     Brenda Woodruff, business manager at Rodgers Chevrolet, says advising is primary to the customer relationship.

Customize For Key Customers

2:06 | Play Now     Customization for customers is the best way to fend off competition and it is the secret to earning millions from repeat sales.  Angel Souto is in charge of sales at Cafe Pilon.

Sell Happiness

2:46 | Play Now    Nicole Miller built a very successful business selling happiness through her youthful clothing designs for women.

Give it Away; Don't Discount

2:33 | Play Now     Launching a business with zero marketing budget forced Wing to be creative.

Take a Calculated Risk

3:54 | Play Now     Monica Morgan listened to the marketplace. Though she enjoyed taking pictures, she discovered that people would pay her for photos more often than they would pay her for journalism.

Treat Customers Like Family

2:59 Play Now     Perry Gates, an owner of Maine Gold, produces a fantastic maple syrup that is surpassed only by the sweet smell of success earned through a loyal customer following.

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