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Last Update: Saturday September 25, 2021

Monica Morgan is the inculcation of The American Dream.

She dared to walk into the unknown...


Detroit: At one time Monica Morgan was like so many photographers -- just a local photographer. But something happened to her. She took a calculated risk and it paid off. And, then she got serious about running a business.

In this show you can learn many lessons about sole proprietorships, risk-taking, sharing, mentoring, being mentored, and chutzpah (even temerity). We also learn about the work of a local Small Business Development Center which is part of the US Small Business Administration. Monica got some sound advice; after just two years of working from her home, she opened her studio downtown.

Today, Monica runs a full-service photography studio and is at the top of her game. She is a photojournalist who contributes to Newsweek, Jet, the Detroiter and the Associated Press. Rosa Parks first commissioned Monica to do the cover for her bestseller, Quiet Strength, then she became Rosa's photographer.
We all ask, "How can I get to the top of my profession?" In this episode you'll learn from someone who has done it. We have seen this so many times.

Mix one part courage (heart, the muscle) with two parts intelligence (brains, that deep knowledge of your profession) and three parts tenacity (personal will), and then constantly reinvent the formula.

Magic begins to happen.

Her business "Monica Morgan Photography" in Detroit is truly a global business.

Take a Calculated Risk

3:54 | Play Now   Monica Morgan listened to the marketplace. Though she enjoyed taking pictures,  she discovered that people would pay her for photos more often than they would pay her for journalism.

Give Back to Your Community

2:05 | Play Now     The day we taped this story about Monica Morgan, we saw her in the library of the local middle school. Pictures like this one were in a display she was showing the children while she talked about her trip to South Africa where she took the photos.

Be The Best

2:13 | Play Now     Monica's customers come to her because they believe she is the best that they can hire.

Be Bold

3:51 | Play Now     Monica said that before she became well-known she had to talk her way in to places.She shot Nelson Mandela's picture when she was in South Africa to record that country's first free elections.

Find a Mentor

2:08 | Play Now

Harold Robinson worked for 50 years as a professional photographer before he retired and took on the job to mentor a young talent.

Seek Operational Advice

4:25 | Play Now

Monica seeks advice from customers like Michael Jones and she went to her local Small Business Development center to receive some free consulting.

Land Famous Customers

1:46 | Play Now

Rosa Parks was just one of Monica's famous customers.


4:02 | Play Now

Monica's big change happened when she stopped being the hometown girl.