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Changing the world one person at a time.

Meet Milt Moses; he invests in people.

Chicago: In 1962 Milton Moses thought about going into television, but there were few places for African Americans. Instead, he joined Community Insurance Center and was made President in 1968. 

His firm is the largest African-American owned insurance agency in the Midwest. Like millions of other small business owners, he has created jobs for decades. He established his company as an institution in a quiet neighborhood and is always looking for ways to empower the next generation.

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All Business is about continuous improvement...

We all should be reaching for higher perfections.  Your business should challenge you to be better everyday in every way. If not, you have choices.

About The Stars of this Television Show

All the people who appear as the stars of this television show are recommended by their community for their integrity and by their industry for their creativity and courage. Our national sponsors -- from IBM, USPS, Verizon, Microsoft, D&B, SAIC, Travelers, Business Week, and many others -- have paid for everything.

Nobody can pay or has ever paid to be on this television show.

The selection process

People often ask, "How were all these people selected for an episode of the show?"  Over 100 business owners are recommended by Chambers and other business advocates... everybody votes, and one comes to the top and an episode is done.  Nobody can pay or has ever paid to be on this show.  More...

Get involved:  The  issues are all too important. History teaches. Evil exists. And, better ideas are necessary to stop the insanities of our times that grow like cancerAs Barack Obama re-adjusts his agenda to deal with these real realities, small business can have a key stabilizing, yet energizing role.

Eight steps to start, run, grow, and harvest a business.


Step 1: Know yourself. Capitalize on you.
Key Question: How do I get started in business?
Meet Greg Steckler in Bend, Oregon  More...

Step 2: Knock on Doors
Key Question: How do I get my first sale?
Meet Ken Duncan in Sydney   More...


Step 3: Be the best.
Key Question:  How do I stand out in the crowd?
Meet Monica Morgan of Detroit   More...

Step 4: Refine a trend.
Key Question: How do I spot an opportunity?
Meet the owners of Wahoo's Fish Tacos   More..


Step 5: Develop Multiple Sales Channels
Key Question:   How do I find new customers?
Meet the Nicole Miller NYC team in La Jolla   More..

Step 6: Market on the web.
Key Question: How do I increase profits?
Meet the Hardy Boat people   More...


Step 7:  Invest in Your Profession.
Key Question: How do I stay excited about life?
The Community Insurance family, Chicago   More...

Step 8:  Eat Dinner with Your Customers.
Key Question: How do I keep customers coming back?
Meet the Opici family of Glen Rock, NJ   More...

Instead of more government, we need more small businesses.

What is the real role of business?  The 2003 film, The Corporation,  has been adopted by too many people, including President Obama and much of the Democrat party, as a new gospel of deep insight.   Unfortunately, though perspicacious in many ways, the film barely skims the surface of the nature of value and of business.

This film tends to group all business together yet concludes that the big business and its corollary, capitalism, are bad.  It has made major inroads into the ideational fabric of the USA.   We've got to be very careful that they do not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Perhaps an antithesis to this film is this 1964 speech by Ronald Reagan.

Certainly there is no arguing that some big corporations have at times been bullies, a few have compromised human health for the bottom line, and many have acted selfishly for the good of a small minority at the top.  Know this, the best of  business  is totally otherThe deeper issue is our de facto  value system.  We can adopt a deeper, richer, better system of thinking about value.   More...

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