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Last Update: Sunday July 25, 2021

Ebby Halliday built a business and a legacy.

Among the Finest Realtors of the USA

1:22 | Play Now   Ebby started her real estate business in 1946 and helped to define the entire industry.

Dallas, Texas: Ebby Halliday started like most of us, with nothing but the love of her family. This episode is classic Americana, a rags to riches story. Literally Ebby went from the Great Depression to a billion dollar business.  She is truly an American legend and one of today's pioneers. She started her business in 1946 and today she has over 1500 independent realtors, hundreds who have become millionaires on her watch.

Ebby  will tell us how she broke through the gender barriers long before there ever was a feminist movement, how she found the person who replaced her at the top and why she gave the company to her employees.

Create Opportunity for Others

3:24 | Play Now   Ebby Halliday's strong work ethic and leadership have inspired other's to achieve their own success.

Take A Flying Leap

3:13 | Play Now      Ebby Halliday exemplifies the successful payoff for a calculated--and self-financed--risk.

Turn Raw Talent Into Leadership

1:50 | Play Now  Mary Frances Burleson (pictured at far right), president of Ebby Halliday Real Estate turned raw, talent into leadership with Ebby as her mentor.

Hold On To Quality People

5:09 | Play Now      Ebby Halliday says that great people will stay in a learning and growing environment.

Work Yourself Into Youth

1:05 | Play Now Host Hattie Bryant discovers that Ebby Halliday doesn't believe in retirement for herself. 

Invest In Technology And Training

3:36 | Play Now Mary Frances Burleson, president of Ebby Halliday Real Estate, is building on the company's strong commitment to technology and continuing education.

Develop More Products To Serve Current Customers

3:33 | Play Now

Ebby Halliday and Mary Frances Burleson say that loyal customers return if you give them more to buy and 'tie the bow' on every transaction.

Pass The Business On

0:48 | Play Now   Whether it's Ebby Halliday Real Estate or Michael Dell's (pictured here) PCs, billion dollar businesses can emerge from the desire to build a big business as well as the desire to pass something on to others who will grow it without you.