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Last Update: Thursday July 29, 2021

Jackalope, where myth and poetry meet reality

He Has Quietly Transformed Retail Shopping

Santa Fe, New Mexico: Founder Darby McQuade is not the typical shop keeper -- with an MBA, Wall Street background, and Harley Davidson affections -- he escaped the fast lanes to understand  the real meaning and value of life. The name of his store captures a vision where the art, poetry and myths of the old West can be rediscovered within the mundane.  He'd like people to discover beauty in unexpected ways and with unpredictable places.

So, he take a little bit of mystery, adds fantasy, mixes one part entertainment with demonstrations of the arts in progress, then he adds great food, decorative arts for the home, a little zoo on the side, and space to wander and fantasize about the meaning and value of life.  You have come to Jackalope. It is a new kind of retail. Part bazaar, a little bizarre, yet always business as art. You have to experience it to believe it and there is no better place than Santa Fe.

Right at the outset, you'll see his dog because he thinks you shouldn't work where you can't take your dog. His joy of life and his worldview are filtered and nurtured by The Santa Fe Institute. Darby has taken their chaos theory and lifted it up into his merchandising and management.

He is somewhat symbolic of the kind of place that Santa Fe is. You can find the world in this quiet city (and state capital) of 65,000 people. And so much of it is within Darby's four acre compound. Folk art, pottery, weavings, and furniture come from Africa, Bali, Central and South America, China, Egypt, India, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Come meet this soft-spoken gentleman, a free spirit who dreams dreams. Meet Darby McQuade.

Give Customers Good Deals

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Darby McQuade has been a merchant for three decades and he says that you make people happy by giving them a good deal on something they need now.

Make Shopping an Adventure

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There is plenty to see and buy at Jackalope.  Customers wander through acres of products organized into fascinating boutiques.

Offer Others Opportunity

2:01 | Play Now
Ruben Romero is a recording artist who has a boutique at Jackalope.

Hire Big Business Experience

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Before Darby hired some leaders from big business he was stuck in one location.

Use Metaphor to Teach

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Darby searches the world for products and for ideas that will help him grow his business.  Be sure to study the Transcript  and the Episode (tabs on the right).  Within the Episode tab there is a link to Jackalope homepage.

Act on Your Dreams

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Darby has an MBA and worked on Wall Street but he's much happier shopping the world and bringing it back to his store in Santa Fe.

Use Multi-Stage Marketing

1:52 | Play Now
John Wargo tells host Hattie Bryant that prospects need to be reached in multiple ways.